The Development of a Visual Communication Platform for nooQ

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nooQ is a Scottish startup on a mission to create a great communication platform, making it easier to make sense of various communication channels.

The challenge

The company approached Order of Code (OOC, now a part of SoftwareHut team) with the implementation of their visual communication platform.


OOC worked with nooQ as an extended team, joining company’s developers in implementing visual communication tool. The platform uses heatmaps to highlight important topics, based on innovative volume controls.

A notable aspect of this collaboration is that OOC team quickly fostered a friendly communication with nooQ developers, “moving from the status of “outsourced coding resource” to “valued colleagues” within a few weeks.”, as Sinclair points out.



The OOC team enhanced the existing social media integrations with Zapier, Slack and Yammer, adding ElasticSearch engine for data aggregation. This in turn improved the ease of accessing the data.

The team has also helped with adding real-time chat and support video calls to the tool. Moreover, project management and testing were also included in their responsibilities, leading to unexpected improvements:


Their questions are always incisive, getting to the heart of the requirement quickly and delivering added value time and time again, whilst their coding and debugging skills are exemplary in the extreme. Their project manager undertook testing tasks, unbidden, that drove out a few defects that we were previously unaware of.

Davin Sinclair, CTO

NooQ Software

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The integration of multiple social applications now gives users more relevant data in one platform. Making use of the buil-in chat and integration with third-party services, nooQ became a one-stop tool for gathering and interacting with multiple sources of information.


We have already recommended the team to a number of associates and will continue to do so with only one reservation… that we’d prefer to keep them to ourselves!

Davin Sinclair, CTO

NooQ Software

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