The Development of an Advanced Financial Management Solution

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Improving system performance for GearShift

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The GearShift system helps its users to track their financial performance and to plan their expenses. It gives them the possibility to make conscious decisions and avoid cashflow problems.


The client’s request was to optimise the performance of the already existing system, as well as improve and expand its functionality. Our task was to develop a new code based on the pre-existing and complicated logic.



What have we delivered?

In order to upgrade the system, we optimized the SQL queries.

We also implemented a new and fully customizable dashboard that displays a variety of information. We introduced a new reporting module that is easily accessible through MS Excel and MS Word. Migration to GearShift is simplified now thanks to the addition of data-importing functionality from external systems, such as Xero or KashFlow.

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Order of Code have provided us with a very high quality service. I have been delighted with the quality of the work provided and with the professionalism of all staff I have worked with.

Karen Dinwoodie, Product Development Director


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This optimization improved the system’s performance to 2.5x, and thanks to the new functionalities GearShift became an advanced financial management solution. It is versatile; it can be used by a business owner, as well as an external accountant responsible for many clients.

Initially intended as a short term contract we now have an on-going relationship with the Order of Code team. The ideas and the support received from the team have transformed GearShift and allowed us to get to market more quickly than we had planned. I would happily recommend Order of Code.

Karen Dinwoodie, Product Development Director


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Maciej Szymczuk
Maciej Szymczuk
Regional Director

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