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New algorithm for testing transmission parameters

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For Calnex Solutions, a global leader in synchronisation and OAM (Operation and Maintenance) testing, Order Of Code team (now a part of SoftwareHut), re-developed Calnex Analysis Tool, and implemented new algorithm for testing transmission parameters in ICT networks.


Developing Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT), Calnex wanted to offer a desktop app supporting their hardware. Due to performance and user experience issues, the CAT software didn’t meet its goals, discouraging buyers from choosing Calnex’s products.



new, faster algorithm

The OOC team re-developed CAT, implementing a new, faster algorithm for time-value data analysis, coming from the hardware testing transmission parameters in ICT networks. At the same time, the company redesign the UI, improving usability of the tool.

calnex golden algorithm mockup
calnex golden algorithm screens

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Implementing the new algorithm improved the tool’s performance, increasing the application’s speed 100x. As a result of the changes implemented by the OOC, the CAT sales grew significantly, and Calnex has been awarded with Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2015.

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Maciej Szymczuk
Maciej Szymczuk
Regional Director

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