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Managing modern offices has become more and more digital, as investors and tenants realise the value presented to Commercial Real Estates by digital transformation. Managing office equipment, booking hot-desks or rooms, optimising the use of the available parking spots – these are the challenges that can be addressed with proptech solutions.

Zonifero is a proptech solution offering a wide range of possibilities to meet this new demand. From workplace management, parking reservation system, to lobby management and guest reception, the tool has proven to be essential in running an office.

The tool has grown from an internal project to a 6 figure startup in just 3 years, integrating with investments such as 100,000 sqm of office space in Cavatina buildings in Poland.

SoftwareHut has been developing Zonifero from its inception, creating a website, mobile app and the system creating the entire solution.

The challenge

The challenge included not only software development, but also establishing and growing a startup following an internal project development.

The solution evolved from digital office management app to a complete proptech solution, which involved constant testing and development, as well as seeking new business opportunities and veryfing the solution with the market.




Currently, Zonifero can be divided into four segments, creating a complete solution finding its place in modern offices.

The backend, API, and an admin panel are optimised with performance in mind, as even thousands of users can use the system, depending on the size of a company or an office building. The system is being hosted on a virtual machine on the Azure cloud and is written with Python, followed by the Flask and Django frameworks. To accelerate the content delivery, we’ve chosen a Nginx web server.

The central database is hosted on Azure cloud, as Azure SQL offers very good performance parameters, as well as accessibility and security.

Mobile application is available on two major platforms: Android and iOS. Zonifero’s Android mobile app is written in Java and Kotlin, using Room database and Retroit for API communication. IOS mobile app is written in Swift, with Alamofire HTTP networking library to communicate with APIs.

Finally, Zonifero’s web application enables our clients to use our solution also as in a browser. For this, we’ve chosen React, a library for creating user interfaces, and TypeScript as a programming language. Redux and Redux Saga support managing the state of a web app, which is hosted on Azure cloud.

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Zonifero has grown from an internal project to a funded startup in just 3 years, at the end of 2019 reaching a revenue exceeding 1 mln PLN. The solution attracts new clients, including tenants and investors, the latter being e.g. Cavatina Holding, with which Zonifero integreated on their 100,000 sqm investment in 3 office buildings in Poland, hosting 15,000 employees.

Today, Zonifero is growing rapidly, adjusting its solutions to meet new demand, creating safe office spaces.

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Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer