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I have many years of experience in UK customer service at SoftwareHut. I focus on detailed examination of needs, building mutual trust and respect. I help select the best solutions and experts with excellent English language skills and awareness of Western business culture.

Eva Krydowska
Regional Sales Director /UK

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 UK clients questions answered

We’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions to make your decision as straightforward as possible.

What models do you work in?

Whether you’re looking for a full project delivery, or just want some support in your team, we’ve got you covered. We have extensive experience in working both in extended team model, as well as an outsourced team. We can take on your existing project or build your software solution from scratch. 

Can I entrust you with the entire project?

Yes, we can develop your project as an outsourced team. IT project outsourcing is an increasingly viable investment for many companies seeking cost-effective enhancements to their team efforts. Our outsourced teams bring expertise and experienced with internationally recognised qualifications and are specialised to champion any IT project. 

Is Extended Team Model better than Outsourcing?

Extended Team Model is an alternative to IT outsourcing, but these two remain viable solutions in different scenarios.

If you already have an internal team but lack specific specialists for one project and you don’t want to hire new employees full-time, then extending your team with this method is a good idea.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a team or want your project to be fully delivered externally, then IT outsourcing remains good practice for software development.

How can I secure my idea?

IT projects are based on knowledge, experience, and ideas. This information is what makes your project unique and competitive on the market. It’s important to secure this idea and prevent it from being stolen.  

To ensure the safety of your project, it’s advisable to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Creating an NDA, it’s important to specify what information is confidential and assess its worth. Signing an NDA is a standard procedure even during simple estimation and can minimise the risk of your original idea being stolen. 

Are there linguistic or cultural barriers?

All teams operate within the GMT +1 time zone, resulting in instant communication with partners across Europe, as well as an easy access to the Eastern United States. Complete fluency in English and close cultural affinity make for smooth interactions in even the most rigorous of work settings. 

What is your work culture?

Work culture is the environment that a company creates for the employees and associates. It plays a crucial role in determining work satisfaction. It is the combination of our leadership, values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours and attitudes.  

At SoftwareHut, we try to create an atmosphere of understanding and patience. However, we are not lenient nor indulgent. We deliver the highest quality and expect the same from our partners. We are honest and straightforward and not afraid of constructive criticism. We respect each other and our partners and clients. 

If you want to find out more about outsourcing IT to Poland, check out this article.  

How do you ensure good communication?

If you can’t communicate, you can’t create.  

Transparency is the basis of good communication. Blurred lines during cooperation can cause misunderstandings and lead to serious consequences that can negatively influence your project.  

Make sure that you understand your interlocutor, and you are also understood.   

Moreover, everybody involved in the project should be provided with reliable forms of communication. There are many options that you can choose from simple chats, such as Slack, or a combination of chat and video conference, such as Microsoft Teams. Scrums, on the other hand, would be particularly important in the case of Agile workflow methodologies. Be sure to join Sprint Review meetings. If possible, make sure to set face-to-face meetings. In-spite of technology improving our means of communication, the most basic form of communicating remains the most impressionable. 

My project is ambitious, will this cause a problem?

No project should be an obstacle to a good web development team. The benefit of web development teams is that they can be scaled individually to your needs. Therefore, should your project require increased efforts and commitment, then you can reinforce your power with additional members.

When will I notice benefits from IT Project Outsourcing?

Almost immediately! As an organisation, you will considerably reduce the costs of talent acquisition. The simplicity of sourcing your team means you spend less time  searching talent. Seek only the expertise you require. This way, your costs will remain under control, with instant results. 

How flexible can I make my outsourced IT team?

A business using QA services is not the only one benefiting from them. Quality assurance gives you insight into your client’s needs, making it easier to fulfil their requirements. You can deliver a well-polished product and make a great impression on them. Consequently, a happy customer will provide a boost to your employees’ motivation. 

What Impacts the cost of my project?

What Impacts the cost of my project? 

The total cost of a software development project is a sum of people working on it over a given period, multiplied by their hourly rates. 

The software development team can consist of different roles, such as front-end, backend, and full-stack software developers, UX/UI managers, project managers, and testers. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need different specialists. It’s your decision who you want to hire. 

Team members’ hourly rate depends on the roles, seniority of team members, and location of an IT company. 

If you want to learn more about cost estimation, check out this article

What to Prepare Before Getting an Estimate?

It all starts with an idea. Once you have it, it’s time for action! 

Before getting an estimate, you should define your idea. Describe your vision and try to be precise. Later, prepare a brief description of your ideas and hopes. Next step: specs. No need to be too technical though, you can leave the details to the specialists. It’s also important to consider your budget, as well as a deadline. Think about the scope of the project and your goals.  

If you want to know more about preparations before getting an estimate, make sure to check out this article.   

How does the project Sign-Off document look like?

Sign-Off document is a formal manifestation of the end of the project. 

The document clearly states all practical and necessary information needed to confirm what kind of project was it, who was involved, when it took place, as well as the specific details making up the project. 

This document should follow the project charter, referring to the information set out in the initial report. 

It should be simplified and concise, and contain the following elements: 

  • A statement indicating the purpose of the paper is to ‘signify the end of the project.’ 
  • name of the project, 
  • all relevant dates, 
  • key roles in the project, 
  • project deliverables, 
  • spaces for signatures. 


A kick-off meeting is the first meeting of the project team and the client. This meeting consists of defining the base elements of the project and other project planning activities. This meeting introduces the members of the project team and the client. It also provides the opportunity to discuss the role of team members. Other base elements in the project that involve the client may also be discussed at this meeting Schedule, status reporting, and rules of conduct can be also established.  

The kick-off meeting is an enthusiasm-generator for the clients and allows presenting a full summary of steps and plans for the project and establishing a common goal.  

Kick-off is the beginning of cooperation! 

Not sure how to organize your kick-off meeting? We have some advice

Do you provide support?

Yes, of course. We go above and beyond to respond to your needs. 

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