Outsourced, Extended or In-House IT Team

Tips for Choosing the Right Model for Your Business!

A simple answer to a trick question? 

Hiring developers in-house, outsourcing software development vs extended team? This is the dilemma many founders and C-level executives face while commencing IT projects.  

The problem is becoming even more pressing because of the growing demand for developers, rising wages, and deficit of IT professionals.   

See our webinar and find out which one will best meet the needs and challenges of your company!  

During the webinar, we will explain...

  • What can you lose when you choose the wrong model. 
  • What are the advantages, disadvantages and contemporary challenges of individual solutions. 
  • Why you need to consider your company's business position and development plan and product lifecycle.  
  • Which model is more profitable. 
  • Why, when you decide on an in-house or extended team, not only the current resources matter, but also the plan for their development. 

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Practical tips supported by examples! 

We don’t want to focus on clichés - during the meeting we will show you what business aspects to consider to best respond to the company's needs. 

We will also present the examples of well-matched, successful implementations that have brought the company tangible benefits. 

Meet our speakers 

Karol Rogowski
Head Of Engineering

Working in IT since 2009. Currently working as Head of Engineering at SoftwareHut and as an academic teacher at Białystok Technical University. Co-founder of meet.js Białystok. Book and articles author. Father, husband, huge H.P. Lovecraft fan and terrible poker player.

Agnieszka Topczewska-Pińczuk
Scrum Master | Project Manager

I believe that anything I do, I do for the end-user. I maximise value by:

- setting a path to the product's goal, helping developers do what they need to do

- frequently inspecting the result of their work to confront assumptions with reality

- adapting to the changing needs of Stakeholders based on feedback and measurable data.

I manage IT products agilely and know how to make your vision a reality. Would you like to work with me?