Daniel Plawgo

Software Developer

.NET Framework developer, trainer, speaker for whom programming is also a hobby. For years he has been associated with a community of Microsoft technology, initially as a Microsoft Student Partner, Student Consultant, and currently the leader of the Olsztyn user group.


We have Reactivated OLMUG – Olsztyn Microsoft User Group

After a three-year break on January 18, 2018, we have resumed the meetings of the .NET user group in Olsztyn (OLMUG Olsztyn Microsoft User Group). During the meeting, we had two presentations and a lot of discussions until late at night. Dawid Cieszyński (SoftwareHut, .NET developer, consultant) showed us, how we could write a unit […]

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20 September, 2018

Font-end in C#? Yes – blazor.net

For many years javascript is the main programming language on the front-end. Many programmers complain about it, but unfortunately, they have no other choice. With the appearance of WebAssembly the situation should change. During the session, I will show you a new framework, which is based on the WebAssembly and it is possible to create an application written and executed entirely in .NET in the browser. The future of the front-end will be very interesting.

10 May, 2018

Nuget for the ASP.NET MVC developers – what’s interesting you can find

The times in which the programmer created everything from scratch have long since passed. Today, when we start a new project, we first install a dozen of packages from Nuget that make it easier for us to later work. During the presentation, I will show more or less well-known packages useful in the daily work of the ASP.NET MVC applications programmer.

14 December, 2017

ASP.NET WebApi + Swagger + Angular, so how to easily connect two worlds: frontend and backend

More and more often we move away from classic network services based on SOAP and WSDL, while the world follows JSON and RESTful services. Therefore, in this place, Daniel will show you the way in which the programmer (of various technologies) accustomed to generating the model and the proxy class based on WSDL can find a new reality. During the presentation, we will focus on the ecosystem of the Swagger framework, which will help us to easily connect ASP.NET WebApi with Angular.

23 October, 2017

T4 templates – how quickly and easily generate code

In the life of a programmer there are often times when you need to write a repetitive code: add a repository for a new entity, create a new form, etc. During the presentation, you will see how to make life easier with T4 templates.

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