Jan Łapiński

Software Developer

Software developer focused mainly on .net, PowerShell and Windows ecosystem. Interested in CI, vim and games.

Best .NET Practices You Should Know

Following best .NET practices is equally important for beginner and advanced programmers. Only then you will be able to become a kick-ass code writer. It may sound big-headed but trust me. It’s not what I want to achieve by writing that article. Following best practices of any programming language is a proven recipe for clean, […]

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Continuous Deployment for Lazy People

Some people claim that paradoxically laziness is the power of civilization, because if people weren’t lazy, there wouldn’t be so many inventions. Is it really a true statement? Maybe laziness isn’t the source of development, maybe it’s eternal human desire to conquer and subordinate the rest of the world? Maybe laziness it’s only a reward, […]

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24 May, 2017

Why Do I Use Vim?

Vim is the best text editor that I know. I want to justify that statement during my presentation. I'd also like to share my joy of learning it and some thoughts and tips.

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