Marcin Skoczylas

Project Manager

Image processing specialist and expert in machine learning technologies, PhD in technical sciences. Senior Project Manager since 2011, with IT experience over 15 years. He successfully carried out and deployed several projects, including enterprise EMIS Mobile and highly-scalable Tengi and multiple technologies. He is also official movie director with screenings in national TV, and also a lecturer at the Bialystok University of Technology.

Scientific work deals with various aspects of signal processing and imaging, in particular, the recognition of live images of unstained cancer cells to be irradiated by heavy-ion accelerators, real-time image analysis of flying unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and others, mainly based on the key point descriptors.

cybersecurity AI

The Future Of Cybersecurity In The AI Era

The sheer number of various cyber threats so extensive in the range has never been so shocking. The fact that they are becoming increasingly sophisticated and much more impactful is terrifying. It is enough to add a dwindling cybersecurity workforce into the picture, and the outlook is not promising. The most active enterprise networks often […]

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managing remote teams cover

How to Manage Your Project With a Remote Team

There is a new trend afoot: managing remote teams. For many, this marks an age of increased flexibility and connectivity, marked by digitisation and cloud computing. Distance-based working arrangements present incredible merit, for both the worker and manager. These instances apply both to outsourcing your project, hiring freelancers, but also full-time employed workers. Maximising this […]

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