Paweł Kondzior

Software Developer

Software Engineer specialised in .NET development. Working as a developer since 2011 year most of this time getting experience in web applications based on MVC. He spends free time as a glider pilot and amateur American football player.

hierarchyid entity framework cover

Using HierarchyID in Entity Framework

Back in September, was the .NET Conf, and as .NET developers, we received a lot of new tools to play with. One of the things of which we officially received a new version was Entity Framework (6.3 version). Along with it, support for new data types appeared. This article is about using the HierarchyID data […]

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how to generate public transport routes

How to Generate Public Transit Routes

The market for search engines offering public transport connections is already quite saturated. In Poland, services such as Google Maps, jakdojade.pl, e-podróżnik.pl, and rozkladzik.pl have been operating for many years. However, if you want to learn how to implement a much simpler version of such algorithms, this article is for you. I will describe what […]

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16 November, 2016

Running code on a graphics card

Presentation on general-purpose computing on graphics processing units. Fundamentals of CUDA and Open CL. Using the power of graphics cards with C # and Cudafy library.

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