16 January 2020

Benefits of BPM: Advantages of Business Process Management Tools


As digital transformation forces companies to adapt to changing tech, we can once again see the benefits of BPM.

Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to mapping, analysing, and improving organisational processes. Since the 1980s, mid-sized companies and corporations have been investing in BPM methodologies., such as Lean, Six Sigma, and business process re-engineering.

With today’s popularity of Business Process Management Software (BPMS)tools, organisations improve their processes to match the digital ecosystem and the changing work environment.

Here are 9 benefits of Business Process Management Software that will help you decide whether you need a BPMS:

  1. Risk reduction
  2. Better organisational control
  3. Optimised processes
  4. Increased agility
  5. Improved collaboration
  6. Workflow automation
  7. Ensured compliance
  8. Overview of organisational goals
  9. Employee happiness

Benefits of enterprise BPM Software

1. Risks reduction

Because of the changing business environment, companies are prone to organisational errors that may affect their efficiency.

Having a BPM tool allows management to monitor resource utilisation, which is a typical workflow for different processes and their execution. Managers can also spot inefficiencies early on to reduce costs or improve resource allocation.

2. Better organisational control

Moreover, with reduced risks comes improved organisational control, as management has better knowledge of what works at the company.

Such is often the case in mid-sized to large companies, with many departments and even several office locations. Here, setting processes to be followed by all employees is crucial to running a business effectively. A BPM tool makes controlling these processes more manageable.

3. Optimised processes

Thirdly, with an overview of the operations at the organisation, managers can optimise those that are inefficient or revealed to be outdated.

The benefit of a BPM tool, in this case, comes down to how easy it can be to create new processes or improve the existing ones with such software. As a majority of modern tools offer drag-and-drop visualisation features, it takes less time to optimise processes.

Improve your business operations with Business Process Management Software

4. Increased agility

The ease of adjusting business processes is crucial, as businesses try to improve their coordination. Especially today, with digital transformation changing various industries, this need to be able to easier adapt to changes is now more easily seen.

5. Improved collaboration

Many businesses face a problem of communicating processes across departments or offices. This, as a result, impacts on collaboration in an organisation.

With BPM tools, processes can be communicated more clearly, as their visualisations are available to everyone. Whenever someone is looking for a peer responsible for a specific part of the process, they can find them by following the process in the tool.

6. Workflow automation

Using BPM tools, managers can manage multiple workflowsto decide which one could be automated. This approach can free up some resources, so they can be re-assigned elsewhere to boost the company’s productivity.

Automating workflows can also cut the cost of some operations. As with AI advancements, it is possible to reduce many manual processes.

7. Ensured compliance

Many of the procedures followed by organisations have to be compliant with methodologies and norms like ISO. Otherwise companies can receive diminished ratings, withdrawn certificates, or even financial penalties.

BPM tools make it easier to manage processes, so they fit these norms, as well as provide a background for both internal and external audits.

8. Overview of organisational goals

Very often employees don’t follow processes, because they can’t see the bigger picture behind them, or how they correspond to their duties and organisational goals.

Mapping processes for the entire organisation and sharing this overview with employees makes it more apparent how they transcribe to the business goals of a company.

9. Employee happiness

Finally, clear objectives, processes, and responsibilities make for happy and satisfied employees. Team members who work in workplaces with clear structures are more productive and happier, because they don’t call into question their assigned tasks.

BPM tools help create transparent processes and documentation that allow employees to make sense of changes at their employed organisations.

Take advantage of enterprise BPM software

Business performance and operational agility depend on the processes you set, manage, and monitor. As easy as this may sound, it demands professionals to keep constant track of a company’s effectiveness.

Business process management (BPM) software enables you to have a better overview of the processes at your organisation. Whether you want to analyse, improve or manage processes within departments or across your entire company, BPM tool is the way to go.

You can choose custom and cloud BPM software. The benefits of cloud BPM software include better collaboration and minimal setup and maintenance, while custom software will be better-tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

Learn more about the benefits of enterprise BPM software, different types of tools available and the cost of BPM software development.

Explore the advantages of BPM software

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