24 January 2020

Tech Perspective #1: AI Writing Gets Creative


Sometimes, an inspiring word helps motivate us to take our most successful adventures. I like to think that these also make for prudent investments.

That’s why it’s always valuable to share them with others. We’re living in a world where technology is exponentially more sophisticated. But how do they register important to your business? Well, if we heighten our understanding of it, then we can find actual values, and apply them to our operations.

Each month, I will take the technologies making news headlines, and provide a perspective that should help shed light – from a tech standpoint, and a business standpoint.

Discover an exciting and undeniably brave new frontier in tech.

AI Writing Bots Powering Content Creation?

Social media bots are our surgical assistants for information. They spread truths or falsehoods, sway opinion, but also work for good, like enhancing sites’ UX, and facilitating users’ access to information. Half of all Internet traffic now consists of bots, according to Imperva Incapsula. Content creation may be next.

Writing AI creates legible text, using narrative algorithms developed by OpenAI, a San Francisco research institute. Programmable, and adjustable – users need only input a topic and the general-purpose language algorithm self-creates. Capabilities include answering queries, translations, and autonomous writing. The potential for this tech ranges from utopian, to malignant.

Automated social media accounts, aka bots, are often indistinguishable to readers, exposing millions to truths and untruths. From Popstars to Politicians, everyone takes advantage of these automated messengers: sharing agendas, winning hearts, and shaping opinions.

It’s Already Here – But at What Scale?

At plain sight, increased activity and content volumes validate popularity, presenting a distorted legitimacy.

Globally, 500 million views logged to bot-enabled Facebook pages in 2019.

Fan groups across industries and ideologies feature increasingly disproportionate ratios of bot subscriptions.

Lawmakers are slow to enforce, delegating to social media companies to self-regulate. Between October 2018 and March 2019, Facebook purged 3 billion fake accounts. Depending on the programme, opinions will evolve ever-more systematically.

Impact on Your Business

Business applications of AI writing can range from content creation to undergoing extensive social media campaigns. While the technology remains in a developmental stage, the physical efforts entailing writing may become a thing of the past.

Once this technology rolls out, it will be hard to resist its scalability. Meanwhile, the technology appears to remain primitive, making headway in short, Social Media-sized quantities. How the tech will manage to sustain a sophisticated level of content over greater wordcounts remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to watch this space.

Marcin Bartoszuk
Chief Operating Officer

With Microsoft technologies related since 2005. He graduated from the Computer Science Faculty of the Bialystok University of Technology where he was the leader of the .NET Group and the Microsoft Student Partner. Four times finalist of the national stage of the Imagine Cup competition, and later the mentor and the jury member of the contest. Co-founder of the Bialystok .NET Group. He lectured .NET development at the Bialystok University of Technology. Microsoft MVP in the Client Application Development category in 2008-2010, when he actively participated in the IT community. Constant new technology enthusiast and IT consultant.