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Software development outsourcing has become a go-to strategy for start-ups, SMEs, enterprises, and agencies. There is a reason for that, as this strategy allows companies of all sizes to reduce the time and cost of software development and meet their business goals.There remain many questions regarding outsourcing IT services: how to find the right vendor, what process to follow, how to maintain control, and a host of other aspects to bear in mind. All this you will learn from our experts, who share their experiences in IT outsourcing.

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In their articles, our experts strive to unmask the secrets of software development outsourcing by addressing common challenges and pain-points faced by professionals.

How do we know these struggles? It’s simple, as every article on our blog is written by an expert in their field, including business development, client support, and project management. We understand software development challenges first-hand, as we work with clients and estimate projects for our prospects on a daily basis.


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Delivering high-quality software for over 4 years to-date, we mastered what process, tools, and best practices work optimally in different industries. Articles in this blog make use of this experience, giving you the opportunity to view real expert knowledge before even contacting a software vendor for your project.

From blog posts including how-to articles and guides, to e-books thoroughly addressing software development, we want to empower you to make informed decisions while deciding on your project’s delivery.

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