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What's very distinctive for software developers, is that they enjoy sharing the knowledge. Hence the popularity of websites sharing coding tutorials or developer's private blogs. At SoftwareHut, we love sharing the knowledge, too. That's why we organize local meetups, support a speaking group, and encourage our software developers to share their experiences on our blog.At the same time, we understand that many non-technical founders and managers have to make decisions about their software development. To help them make the best decision, we also write articles about emerging tech that are approachable and easy to understand. We do this by cutting out the unnecessary jargon and focusing on tech's benefits for your business.

4 years' experience in IT outsourcing

Delivering high-quality software for over 4 years to-date, we mastered what process, tools, and best practices work optimally in different industries. Articles in this blog make use of this experience, giving you the opportunity to view real expert knowledge before even contacting a software vendor for your project.From blog posts including how-to articles and guides to e-books thoroughly addressing software development, we want to empower you to make informed decisions while deciding on your project's delivery.

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