12 April 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute - Vol. 1


Congrats, we have good news to bring you! Imagine the most thrilling sci-fi of the year. Now imagine it was all true – not fiction. The Hacker’s Tribute brings you real events, from across the tech sphere, right to your inbox.

Ultra-intelligent e-Marketing, personalised Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. 

The online world is where the action is! Check my personal rundown of what I like to call7 Fascinating Happenings in the world of coding. Because politics and the weather were always for nerds. 

Dan ‘The Man’ Kowalski, 

EditorHacker’s Tribute  

1. Monetising People’s Fun with Google Play

Gaming is never free. But it shouldn’t cost your nerve, either. Monetising gamers for Google Play developers just got a whole lot easier! ‘Rewarded Products’ is a new, less invasive way to grant users awards for viewing ads. “Double your 100 coinsClick to view this ad. 


2. Size Never Mattered

Coders battle it out in this Olympiad of HTML & CSS. Contenders in CSS Battle must write the shortest possible code to produce a range of colourful shapes. Scores are then posted alongside a snapshot of their shape. It’s a great way for coders to flash some skills, and a clever recruiters’ tool too. 


3. ‘Hooking Up’ With React

 ‘Hooks’ an all-new React tool, lets you use state, and other React features without writing a class. It’s recent but is making huge headway! We’d write more here, but that’d steal the thunder away from this awesome piece below! 


4. Text Editing (Effort)less 

Since when was writing meant to be hard!? Editor.js, an embarrassingly-simple way to visually adjust text. This block-styled editor separates paragraphs, headings, images, Tweets, etc. Into independent elements, united through the Editor’s core. Did I mention it’s easy? 


5. Net Core ‘Three-Point-OH’ 

It’s happening! Microsoft’s .NET Core 3.0 is already previewing, with the full version making waves near you sometime in the second half of 2019. More developments to come. Watch this space! 


6. Machine Learning 

Face it guys, the machines are winning – but at least they’re winning for us! Using ML.Net, developers can develop custom AI ML models into their Apps. Think; Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation, Image Classifications too! In this world, the sky’s the limit – not Skynet. 


7. Springtime for Spring Boot 

Remember the good-ol‘ days of the old Facebook? Well, Spring Boot’s Initializr now joins the ranks – as we explore the all-new, freshly-squeezed UI of the Java-based framework. The question is, does more intuition make up for a confusing dependencies selection? You be the judge! 


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