19 April 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 2: Google I/O, NPM Drama, and .NET Memory Leaks


It’s a great time to be alive: from dramatic developments, to developer dramas – the tech world is never boring! This edition brings you a medley of developer delights from new Chrome updates, to the joys of Java – you name it, we’ve prepared it. .NET memory leaks and NPM scandals are all the rage right now, so be on the lookout for those as well!

This issue is hitting the ground guns-blazing, so gear up – life was meant to get intense!  

Dan 'the Man'

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski 

Editor, The Hacker’s Tribute 

1. Go with the Flowable 

Creating a Business Process just got a whole lot more relaxed. Keep things easy-breezy in this simple tutorial and learn how to use Flowable Java API to create any set of BPMN 2.0-defined tasks to achieve your objectives. Success was always meant to be achieved gently. Namaste. 

2. Sneaky Leaks! #.NetProblems 

.NET memory leaks are otherwise known as stealth-mode gremlins, growing your memory consumption, creating GC pressure, until finally finishing you with massive performance glitches. Read more, on early reasons detection, with examples in C#. 

3. Snapchat UX: The Android Void 

For far too long, Snapchat for iOS reigned supreme over Android to the point of danger. But balance to the word has been restored, by developers re-writing Android code from scratch. In this re-write; Snapchat pivoted to modular coding, and support for lower-end devices. Because selfies are for everyone!

4. Google I/O 2019: the Invisible Giant  

The Beyoncé of product & development conferences, Google I/O 2019 will take place on May 7th. What’s expected? Google’s laying low, as no official details exist. (Believe us, we searched!) Rumours are; the upcoming Android Q OS, and the all-new Stadia gaming service. 

5. NPM Drama for your Mama 

This SanFran company behind the NPM JavaScript package repository, a.k.a. NPM, Inc. has made some negative PR – by heading in what could be, the wrong direction. A complete fiasco that’s very worth reading, see more now!  

6. Chrome Some More with 7.4 

A piping hot new update to Chrome V8, devs can enjoy incredible performance boosts in v7.4. Expect faster calls and argument mismatches, improved native accessors, Parser performance, Bytecode flushing JIT-less V8, and much more. The future is now! 

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