22 June 2021

Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 71: Apple’s Mainstream VPN


We’re doing many things today.

We’re appealing to the good people at Amazon to fulfil our deepest desires. We’re discovering the profound truth behind docker containers. We’re experiencing the beauty of machine learning with the power of poetry. We’re on a journey to uncover the world’s foggiest enigmas at the touch of a button. We’re reaching the corners of the world, quietly and undetectably, with an Apple VPN.

With this issue of The Hacker’s Tribute – we’re living life to the fullest. Nothing stands in our way today.

Join us for an issue brimming with possibilities and a future that’s brighter than ever.

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Recognise anything!

When you come across – some mysterious text – ‘who you gonna call?’ What! That’s right, ‘what’ is your next solution for finding out the definition of, well, anything. This snazzy solution will identify ‘what’ something is, whether it be text, code, or a file. In an age when human patience is at record lows and ‘tolerance for nonsense’ is history, this programme will surely rid your life of unnecessary investigation.

Apple’s Mainstream VPN

VPN’ing is not just for criminals or those watching Netflix abroad! When Fleetwood Mac sang ‘Go Your Own Way’, Steve Jobs’ army of Californian techies took that advice seriously. Nothing is off-limits in the digital industries, even privacy software. No matter where you are in the world, Apple’s rumoured VPN service will shield you in the same way a chameleon fends off predators and curious nuisances. So expect the wonders of VPN software to reach an Apple OS device near you.

Way Out There, Wayfinder

This one’s for the ‘gamer’ in all of us. Explore an invention that is far more than just a plaything. Wayfinder is a Canadian-made online experiential game that pays tribute to many open-world console games. But instead of a set script, players jump into a world that generates in real-time. Each element spontaneously generates from the graphics to the poetry, using AI, ML, and Data Mining. The game itself consists of floating through a world with the express aim of generating poetic verses. Is it unique? It will be, to you, you, and everyone else...

Execute those Dockers!

There are pros and cons to just about anything, even docker containers. This enlightening editorial examines the outcomes of docker containers with VMs and how to execute docker images within a QEMU MicroVM. Learn how to map features such a bind mounts to QEMU solutions and understand how to run the NGINX docker image in QEMU – all in the name of carrying out a proper demonstration. Spoiler: it is possible. Now, find out how!

Our demands from EC2

We all want things. And with the EC2, we must now make our voices heard. It’s time that Amazon is made aware of our demands and needs. Three essential items would do wonders to help support those in the FreeBSD community.

  1. Free BSD release engineering account access to store AWS Systems Manager Public Parameters.
  2. New “BootMode=polyglot” option, marking AMIs as supporting legacy-bios and uefi boot modes.
  3. Allow multiple IAM Roles to be attached to a single EC2 instance.

If you’re involved with Amazon, or AWS, this is a selection of improvements just for you.

Read moreMy EC2 wishlist

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