24 September 2021

Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 75: Error '404' of Beauty


Greetings, Coders,

The world is in a spectacular mess today – but might just get better tomorrow. We’ll be exploring the supply glut of microprocessors plus ways to improve error notifications to perfection. Expect old-school-inspired recommendations on machine learning development, as well as a bold new way to publish technical manuals.

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Dan 'The Man' Kowalski


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


Chips Ahoy!

Good news on the horizon. Unless you’ve been living under a mountain (I was born under one) – then you’ll remember the great computer chip shortage of 2020. Yes, the pandemic exacerbated the materials needed to make microprocessors. Thankfully, suppliers are racing to make up for lost time – and with formidable force for that matter! Expect an oversupply within 18 months. What’ll that mean for you? Low costs, baby – incredibly low costs!

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New Machines Respect the Old School

Looking at building an ML product? The unanimous advice is to begin without machine learning itself! It sounds strange, but leading authorities including Google – yes, those clowns – recommend carrying out problems manually before setting off with your troves of data. Begin with a heuristic approach, identify the simplest correlations, and create scatter plots to build a solid baseline. Only once you’re ready, young Jedi, will you be ready to hit the real machines. ‘Till then, it’s back to basics.

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Ruby on eBooks

It’s more than just about the rails. Ruby is ideal for those PDF-formatted documents we know and love! Our contributor, Joser, unveils Asciidoctor – a quintessential tool used to publish technical content. The list of functionalities resembles a Christmas list gone wild, with an abundance of options and discoveries. In all, it features a comprehensive publishing toolkit, formidable build utility PDF, and the god-like power to manipulate text using scripts.

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The Art of the Perfect Error

Everyone messes up. The brave ones admit it. The legends admit it with charm! Remember, when something tumbles on your site, you’ll need a powerful narrative to help deflect that frustration and turn a crisis into opportunity. Some users need consoling, while others demand a compelling explanation. This post explains how to formulate your 404 with grace – so that you save face!

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GitLab Hits Wall Street

Time for another optimistic story. After a Covid-induced delay – GitLab is hitting the stock market. After several years of obscene levels of funding, the company is brimming with confidence as it becomes a publicly owned one-stop shop for developers. What can we expect? All the wonders of the free market – meaning less freebies, and more premium adventures. The stock market’s a tricky mistress, so be sure to watch this space.

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