21 June 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 10: .NET Core 3.0, Visual Studio and Android Gradle Builds


The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 10 explores blockbuster titles such as: .NET Core 6 – the Return, Visual Studio: the Mac Edition, or 25 Ways to Programme, and many more!

Greetings Coders! 

Summer break is here, whether you like it or love it!

Some people tend to exercise over the colder months, preparing for the beach. I, on the other hand, have been honing my skills for the announcement of .NET Core 3.0.

Others are learning Italian, for their upcoming Roman holiday. I’ve been brushing up on my Visual Studio Code. Some are studying for a speed boat permit, or a permit to study abroad! I’m speeding up my Android Gradle Builds. The adventures here are off the hook, it’s as if I’m living a movie.

And there’s a lot more where that came from. It’s a thrill ride, worth more than any summer blockbuster. In fact, bring out the popcorn, because we are the original summer blockbuster!

Our exclusive summer blockbuster issue is packed with thrills to bring you to the edge of your ergonomic seat, laughs to annoy your project group leader, and technological dramas to unhinge the temperature-controlled atmosphere. Heat up some popcorn and check it out now!

Bon Spectacle!


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

1. Get Your ‘Preview Six’ Fix!

It’s a digital soap opera unfolding in front of our eyes! Core 3.0 Preview 6 features some dramatic updates. Improved start-up, and size-optimised applications using EventPipe are just some of the goodies to hit the screen. Alpine Docker images, Multiple Event Pipe sessions, ReadyToRun images… the anticipation is killing and thrilling us!

2. Big Installer – World Gets Smaller

Java developers of the world unite – la revolución is finally here! Xiaokai He of Microsoft presents Visual Studio Code select for Java Devs, including a generous Java extension pack, with cinematic tutorials too. The installer’s now available for download – so you’ll be running Hello Worlds in mere seconds.

3. Mac-Lovin’ Visual Studio

Because even Apple deserves joy from time-to-time. Visual Studio for Mac version – wait for it – 8.1 is now gracing the OS! And in the act of further chivalry, a preview for 8.2 is thrown in for good measure. The party begins, with updated web editors, multiple target frameworks project support, and solution-level NuGet package management. I think it’s time to unwind, no?

4. Flutter Those Wings – with GraphQL!

Just like a butterfly, lazily flapping its wings – it simply floats through the air. If only Graph Query language was as natural. Well, with Flutter, it certainly is – with some very helpful pubs. Read through and learn how to ease into a Data and View Model. Be the butterfly you’ve always wanted to be!

5. From Gradle to Gr-Android!

No time to relax yet! Productivity means money. And to keep it going, developers should not mess around! Build your profile, use the latest Grade Plugin – and always, always, always keep up to date! Sustain your awesomeness with these essential tips – and you’ll be relaxing under those coconut palm trees in no-time!

6. The 25 Secret Tips for Devs 

Attention, new kids on the block! I remember starting out; just a toddler with a laptop and a dream. New programmers need a hand launching into the field – and I think we’ve found the Midas touch! Ali Spittel shares some refreshing advice; both technical and soulful. Recommended for both young and old dogs. Learning new tricks – guaranteed.

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