28 June 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 11: Android, Java, and Windows


Read the latest Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 11 and discover the latest Java update, Kotlin’s new rendition, Eclipse Codewind, and Android’s sensational dark mode.

Chaos is fun.

They say, from time-to-time, order must prevail. Luckily not this week!

The life of tech is full of upgrades, updates, and a sprinkling of game-changers. It’s a beautiful world of random occurrences, mystery boxes, and spontaneity. As someone who relishes the unpredictable, it works wonders for me.

Life is meant to be a little untamed and unhinged. And the news we have on offer, we’re giving you an inkling into why our techosphere is out-of-this-world.

In no other world would there be a new update, only a week after the release of the main product. You wouldn’t buy a brand-new car, only to return to the showroom a week later for a new kind of leather seating, no.

Java lovingly disagrees, as do Windows Terminal and Kotlin. Meanwhile, Eclipse Codewind and Redux will keep things running a little more smoothly, while Snapp will streamline mobile design for dark mode. As you can see, it’s never a dull moment, but we’re getting a grip on reporting everything you need to know.

This is our world, and we created it. The world of coding, development, and programming is one of constant, relentless change, for a simpler tomorrow. Wow, I love it.

Show me a person who says tech is boring, and I’ll show you a cynical liar.

Let’s rock it!


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

1. Android’s Going Dark

Don’t worry: you’ll still be able to see. In fact with new Apps on the OS, now supporting dark mode, developers now have the tools to create breath-taking designs in their dark-mode applications. And yes, I know you can see all, fellow developers, but so should your users! iOS will be bathing in darkness. So Android phones also need a little nightlife.

2. Mind Behind the Magic

You’ve asked, and she answered! Enjoy some down-to-earth advice from a heavenly source: Lara’s Q&A. Lara Martin, Google Developer Expert, and all-around techno-guru shares fantastic insight into developer careers. She explores countless topics, from skillsets to learning, and role advancements. Read and find out more.

3. Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Build end-to-end architecture for Flutter, using Redux – with a special dedication to testability. Jorge Castillo dives in using a special Digital Nomad Wallpaper app, demonstrating this simple, unidirectional process. Learn more to relieve dependencies, improve flexibility, and above all, create some neatly organised and testable architecture. It’s a breeze!

4. Kotlin One Point Three Point Four-Whoa!

In case you’re more of a ‘numbers guy’, Kotlin 1.3.40 is making its big debut onto the small screens. Expect Gradle support for NPM, Yarn, and Webpack for Kotlin/JS. But the fun doesn’t stop here, not with Test improvements for multiplatform projects, a new type interface, as well as performance and interoperability improvements for Kotlin/Native. Don’t waste another minute without it!

5. Eclipse Codewind: The Cloud-Native Hurricane

The Eclipse Foundation had a dream. Their goal was a tool to build high-quality cloud-native applications for Kubernetes and Docker, regardless of the users IDE or language. And boy, have they succeeded! Expect a smoother experience in cloud-native app development, with many more add-ons in the future. Thanks, guys – take five.

6. Java: the Visual Studio – the Update

No, I’m not repeating myself. I’ve reported on Java Visual Studio Code’s release earlier this month. Only now, I have some more information, an update! More code actions for maximum productivity, performance boosters, debugger updates, new configs for the Maven extension. It’s an incredibly brave new world – become a part of it! 

7. Windows: Open Wide for Open Source!

Remember last month, when you had to build your own Windows Terminal? Simple times for simple people. Today, we’re spoiled with downloading straight from the Microsoft Store. The preview release is still teething, but on the plus side, it’ll update automatically. Scott Hanselman will happily go through the nitty-gritty details. Click here and enjoy!

Knowledge is free, and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of App Development. Get in touch with us, and we’ll give you a heads up on your next big idea.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!


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