05 July 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 12: User Inyerface, Quarkus, and JUnit


Party hats on, ladies and gentlemen – we’re celebrating a brand new Quarkus, Google Fuchsia OS dev site, Java 13, and J-Unit 5.5. Read the latest Hacker’s Tribute vol. 12!

My Fellow Hackers and Friends. Hard work gets rewarded, which is why I’m here.

They say when Silicon Valley drinks, the internet gets the hangover – which is precisely what happened when the Facebook, WhatsApp, and Insta troika outage took place this past week. Simply put – the cause was people leaving the office to celebrate July 4th Independence Day. Some might argue that even internet giants need a little leisure time, and I, for one, agree – some things are worth celebrating.

This week is a party like no other! Quarkus 0.17.0 and Java 13 bring us enough presents to put Santa Claus to shame. Google marched ahead with its new OS Fuchsia, even sneakily hosting a Dev site to help get your app development up to speed – and why wouldn’t you? J-Unit 5.5 is jammed with features too – that’s a thrill ride in my books!

All we need now is a little celebration – and how best to celebrate a good job, then by smashing a terrible job. User Interface nightmare, ‘InYerFace’ shows just that – to equally comedic, and rage-inducing effect. Watch, be entertained, consume the irony – then realise the horror upon realising that these mimic some of the websites out there.

So, coders, programmers, developers, masters of all creeds, it’s time to rage!

Party on!

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski


Editor-in-Chief, the Hacker’s Tribute, Party-Starter, All-time Winner

1. User Inyerface: An Ironic, Yet Strangely Un-Ironic UI Journey

Imagine a website. Now, imagine a lousy website. From a design and programming perspective, this one certainly takes the cake, and it’s made on purpose. ‘User Inyerface’ explores the prickliest attributes of form-filling and site navigation with what some may call a game; while others would call it a sadistic educational tool. I agree with both opinions here, as it satirises UI to the point of sobriety.

2. Java: 13th Time’s a Charm

A lucky number for some! Java 13 brings multi-line string literals support, a reversal from its 12th edition. Next text blocks are a great feature making working with string literals a gentle breeze. Read this post by Vojtech Rizicka for more details on this world-flipping development.

3. The Fuchsia is Bright Indeed!

Google, a large California-based internet company, is the world’s worst-kept secret. Its existence redefines ‘ubiquitous’. Its new OS, ‘Fuchsia’, is a tad stealthier. In fact, developers can look forward to the new Fuchsia OS Dev website. To the Tom, Dick, and Harry, it’s a bland library – but to the dev; it’s a source of enlightenment. Visit the site now to gain a critical ‘leg-up’ creating new apps for the OS.

4. Quarkus 0.17.0

It seems like one big marathon at Quarkus – updates every 2 to 3 weeks, 125+ new incredible features with extensions… it’s a wonder they get to celebrate. Now, they’ve certainly earned it. Enjoy; AMQP Extension, Apache Kafka Streams Extension, Hibernate ORM & Validator Integration, and SmallRye MicroProfile Health Check Extention 2.0 support. Experience a galaxy of power, brought straight to your ergonomic office seat.

5. JUnit 5.5 Released

Nobody wastes time around here, especially not the JUnit team. The JUnit 5.5 release has us spinning! I’m talking a cascade of brilliance from our favourite unit testing framework. The new edition boasts; Declarative Timeouts, Jupiter Extension APIs, Kotlin-oh-so-friendly assertions, Explicit Java module descriptors, and script-based conditions deprecation. It puts the ‘mother’ in motherload!

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