12 July 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 13: Android, Python, and Firefox


This week’s good fortune is brought to you by The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 13. We dive right into Firefox 68, Apple Sign-ins, Python Tips, and a whole lot of self-improvement!

Welcome to the Lucky 13, and it’s all thanks to you, fellow coders.

We’ve gone farther than we’ve ever imagined. Going from just a small online journal, publishing more than a dozen thrilling issues, we’ve quickly grown into one of the world’s leading sources of IT, developer, and technology news in the online universe.

It takes persistence, and a whole lot of attitude to be the best in the business. Your unwavering support and contributions, combined with our notorious attention to detail, and a whole lot of incredible luck are the rare ingredients in our soufflé of success.

Whatever your superstition, #HT13 will bring you an abundance of good fortune and decisive victory over your next projects! So why is that, you might be asking? Because we create our own luck!

… Or should I say, we develop our luck?

This issue brings you creations, updates, and developments designed not only to enhance your next weeks, months, and years – but to bring you consistent, and meaningful improvements to your work.

Therefore, I encourage you to take the info, and make luck with it – just as you should!

Good luck – not that you need it!


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute, & Fortune-Maker

1. Supersonic SpringBoot!

The world’s most modestly-sounding update-to-date! Upgrading your Spring Boot application from 2.1, to 2.2 might seem a non-event, but it will boost latency from +20 – +40% req/sec, according to Pivotal’s Gatling benchmarks! Use Spring MVC, and Spring WebFlux – and gain new peaks of velocity!

2. Android Anti-Anxiety

You think you’re the best. You’re certainly not. And so, that leaves plenty of room for improvement for you. Android Studio is a never-ending learning opportunity – and these expert tips will teach you all there is to know about the meticulous Integrated Development Environment, and more!

3. ‘Parcelize’ and Optimize!

Transfer data between processes simply and promptly. Using a simple Kotlin extension, you’ll be sure to send information at a rate that’ll take the post office on a run for its money. Explore the method, learn the craft, and gain the source code right here.

4. Save Memory with Python!

Python consumes RAM, much like its natural counterpart, goes through mice. Programs running in pure Python need relief, and this blog post is sure to provide. Learn how to reduce object size across the board and make memory issues complete history. This post is also available in the original Russian version.

4. “How Do You Like Dem Apples?”

Apple wants to keep us safe. Good on them, and useful for the users! The question now is, what happens when everyone is forced to use its new sign in option? Mainly, any third-party sign-in will require the adoption of the Apple button, leaving developers with mixed emotions. For a better analysis, read this concerned blogger’s post.

5. Firefox: Sixty-Eight-And-Appreciate

Combine support of BigInts, Contrast Checks, and an implemented URL bar, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic (not to mention, secure) Mozilla browser! Tracking blockers, DevTools updates, Compatibility, and much more is expected in what could be another frontrunner against Chrome! Watch this space, as major expansions are expected!

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