19 July 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 14: Flutter, Java, and Raspberry Pi 4


People need a break – they aren’t machines. But, they may need one too!

The Hacker’s Tribute likes to dive the intellectual Mariana’s Trench, to retrieve these pearls of in-depth analysis. Usually, we’d provide it for you. However, in this case, we’d like to give you the room.

With GraalVM updates, Flutter fluctuations, and Java proposals for mass migrations of data, it seems like a hectic world is upon us. Even our hardware needs relief. Well, that’s why with our special 14th edition, we’re spoiling you with a series of updates. At the same time, we’ll also soothe you to moments of calm and careful reflection too!

So, this week, sit back and depending on whichever part of the world you’re hammering at your keyboard – open a can of Tiger, Red Bull, Burn, 脉动 (Maidong), or Mother. Alternatively, treat yourself to some green tea – whatever fuels your incredible skills.

Take things at your own pace today, as we travel through the past, present, and future.



Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute, Deep Thinker, Time Traveller

1. Why I Love Nostalgia

Nostalgia reminds us how far we’ve come. Renowned artist Fatboy Slim famously inscribed on his 1998 album, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.” Little do we know, that came from a 1968 Virginia Slims cigarette advertisement. Well, there you have it, even the phrase speaks for itself. Programming is just as well-travelled – from modest debuts in the 1940s, to the vibrant displays we see today – explore some authentic time travel, with this gallery of Programme Interfaces through the ages!

2. De-Clutter, and Be-Flutter

The 1.7 update is here, and it never fails to impress! You’d think the world’s gentlest programme title wouldn’t make it – but the tech world teems with contradictions. Flutter 1.7 features Android X support of new apps, RangeSlider widget, Game controller support, and samples too! With a whopping 1,250+ issues closed, it’s a milestone like no other! Burger King is rumoured to have sold fewer burgers than this.

3. Java: Redefining ‘En Masse’

It’s the greatest of great migrations. No, not the birds. No, not Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, nor the Christmas travel periods. A candidate proposal is in the works, to migrate all single-repository OpenJDK Projects from Mercurial to Git. It’s an ambitious plan – but getting some major traction in discussions. Check out the Tweet here, and if someone asks, you heard it here first!

4. Library-Sharing is Caring

Once upon a time, GraalVM Native Image produced an update. This update featured a shared library, libgraal. And as fairytale as it sounds, libgraal – containing a pre-compiled version of GraalVM compiler – has since boosted startup times, avoids interfering with heap usage, and blasts compilation speeds! It’s a big deal – and it’s a real deal. Read this rivetting post by Doug Simon here, and get ready for a pack of features so outstanding, you’d swear it was fiction. But why would I do such a thing?

5. A Smaller, Rustier Future

If French is the language of love – then Rust is the language of programmer passion! Thought sometimes, we need to dial back the intensity, turn down the power, and simplify things. So, if you opt for a smaller size, over download speed – then I have good news! A compact Rust language is possible. Read the post, to learn the special tricks ensuring you get the ‘smaller’ results you need.

6. The World’s Hottest Raspberry

It’s time to take matters into our own hands. As we debate the subject of Global Warming, the even greater tragedy is the Raspberry Pi 4. The legendary PC-level performer offers no ventilation – heating up to 58 degrees, after idling for less than 5 minutes! Relieve your board with the cooling it needs, in this instructional post – explaining how to install a Pi-Fan to your Raspberry Pi 4. Time to cool off!

7. Stencil to Success!

It’s an impressive package and the future of build-time tools. Gabriel Tanner explains the Stencil Framework, and how to use it to build Web components in this enlightening piece. The main goal here is simple – to help you. Stencil takes popular features, such as the Virtual DOM, Typescript, and JSX to create standard-based Web components that unite beautifully with Angular, React, and Vue. It’s the Mona Lisa of compilers – now’s time to meet its Da Vinci.

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