09 August 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 17: JEP 358, Flutter, and Modular


The Hacker’s Tribute 17 brings you the rich list of complaints and resolutions to the online world’s deepest frustrations, and effective answers!

Greetings, dear frustrated Coders!

Life was meant to be easy, right? Well, it is – but not necessarily for you.

It’s all getting a little complicated. Android seems to try a little too hard, while dev tools are providing far too many options. Web development can’t seem to catch a break, either.

Well, there is some light at the end of this tunnel – as those pesky JVM NullPointerExceptions will soon become a thing of the past. Plus, Flutter is releasing some early-bird software. Oh, and let’s not forget Modular approaches too.

I’ll keep my hello’s simple, in line with my hope of making the Internet Easy Again!

Oh, and watch out for those errors – they’re everywhere :/

Yours cautiously,


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

1. JEP 358: The Exceptions You Love to Hate

‘Unknown Error Occurred’ – 3 cynical words forming the Bermuda Triangle of my profession. I’ve searched the world for meaning to this phrase, to no avail. My life’s purpose gears toward uncovering a meaning behind this phrase. And, I think I’ve found it. The JEP 358, not a Star Wars bot, but rather a modesty-sounding, saviour from NullPointerExceptions generated by the JVM. With JEP 358, users can discover exact root causes, without the mess. Simple enough? Read the description to learn more.

2. Vexed Visibility

Strangely, this is as exciting, as it is unexciting. It’s been an emotional two years, marked by the anti-climax of breakthroughs! IntelliJ has conceded their lack of Java class visibility in the project tree. Unfortunately, they seemed to have opted for the wrong default, with sadly lacking modularity. Twitter continues to erupt, with dramas and negative feedback in abundance. Meanwhile, the Kotlin users are also up in arms, oh what a blockbuster we have on our hands…

3. Magically Modular

Let’s take things a little more flexible! Modular approaches remain the focal point of the Android development experience. Rohit Singh explains, dividing the method into an app, feature, and core module, before going through benefits such as build time, concerns separations, and scaling team. He’s even generously provided an example – what a legend! Feel free to read and interact with his post here.

4. Early to Rise. Early to Flutter

Since the debuting Google I/O preview for Flutter support earlier this year, developers have been promised a chance to test out this open toolkit. Incredible UX is now within reach, as the big boys move towards a production-quality release of their web support. Users who haven’t yet can sign up for the exclusive program geared towards companies, design agencies, and startups. Explore the post and scroll down to join. If you’re deemed worthy, then you’ll be sure to gain access!

5. “Internet: Why You So Hard?” puts it better than I do – why is modern web development so complicated? Here’s a post sympathising with my pet peeves; from static websites to limitations in JavaScript, Cross-browser troubles, deployment – and much more! The words ‘epically simple’ come to mind when evaluating this blog. Also, it gets better – as this is only part 1! There’ll be more to come! ? Read; “Why is modern web development so complicated? A long yet hasty explanation: Part 1!” 

6. Android Q Beta 6: Oh-So-Sensitive!

I’m always excited to echo some household keywords. So, in the spirit of repetition, I bring news of Android Q Beta 6! So while the OS shall remain nameless for the time being, the new platform will contain a yet-again-updated ‘back’ sensitivity preference, for your optimisation. Devs can enjoy Build tools, and final API 29 SDK for their dress-rehearsal app preparations – just before Android Q’s release. Let’s hope things stay the same.

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