23 August 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol 19: Microsoft Surface, iOS Bugs, and C++20


The Hacker’s Tribute Vol 19 brings you the latest news about iOS security update, Microsoft Surface issues, C++20 standard, and more!


“Move fast and break things” is not the best saying, if you’re about to fix security issues in the iOS system. Some bugs, on the other hand, could be patched quicker, Microsoft Surface users claim.

Welcome to another, 19th Issue of the Hacker’s Tribute, with more updates on C language, GraalVM’s new tools, iOS security updates and Microsoft Surface slowdowns.

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Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-In-Chief, the Hacker’s Tribute

1. C++20 is on the way

The ISO C++ Committee published the Committee Draft (CD) of the next International Standard (IS), C++20. The CD will now be sent for feedback to all the national standards bodies. Changes include Contracts, Language Progress, Library Progress, and more. There’s still some time before the next meeting in Prague, CZ, scheduled for February 2020, but you may want to take a look at changes today.

2. Discover GraalVM’s new tools

With its latest major release, GraalVM 19.2 brings us new tools to play with. Profile-Guided Optimisations, Java Flight Recorder (JFR), and performance improvements are just some of the changes. I won’t spoil you the fun – check the updates yourself!

3. Scratches beneath the Surface

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 faced processor throttling problems after the latest firmware update, the company confirms. The reports coming from the users last week regarding CPU slowdowns has now been “quickly” addressed by the company. “There is currently no official fix to the problem”, Tom’s Hardware says.,40172.html

4. Apple unfixed iOS’s bug

With iOS 12.4, Apple fixed some security bugs they found in the previous version. Ironically, while doing so, they managed to unfix the security fix they released with April’s update to iOS 12.3. Hopefully, they will fix this without reversing patches in the latest update.

5. Back to the C

Are you a perfectionist trying to optimise code all the time? Good! With these 10 simple tricks, you can optimise your C code even more. The tips are dedicated to memory space optimisation and can be useful in small embedded systems.

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