27 September 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 24: IE, Thermal Camera, and Google's Update


Greetings coders and creators!

It’s flu season – technologically-speaking. Bugs are in abundance, multiple arguments are unadaptable, and Internet Explorer is being picked apart by savage rouge elements. Nothing is sacred.

Tough times call for tough measures. The Internet Explorer team has devised a remedy to its pains, Google is shaking things up for the world, and debugging strategies are in full swing. It’s time to bounce back and hit harder. Check out the developer features of Android and learn how to make your very own thermal camera.

It may not be such a hostile world, after all.


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, the Hacker’s Tribute, Master of Logic, Creator of Code

Internet Explorer: Never, (Ever) Been Better.

IE, the online equivalent of entering the German Grand Prix with a 1998 Skoda Fabia. It’ll undoubtedly drive you to the show, but I have a feeling it won’t compete with a Tesla. It’s been a sharp decline for the one-time king of the web. And for every vulnerable creature, there’s a bird of prey waiting to eat you. Frequent ‘in-the-wild’ attacks have mobilised developers to invoke an emergency patch to prevent further malicious attacks. Keep on fighting!

Hot in Here!

Thermal imaging was once the making of people such as NASA. Thanks to this crude DIY-innovation by The Marpe, thermal imaging is a simple hardware extension away. Currently, the device is made for Android, using a USB-C dock, but with such implications, expect a mainstream edition sometime soon. What would you do with an MLX90640 far-infrared (FIR) thermal sensor, and STM32F042F6Px microcontroller? Our guess is you wouldn’t produce such genius.

Google’s Update Shocks to the Core

It’s another core update. So, sit back, and let the hunger games begin! Olympic medal results are more predictable than the aftermath of September 2019’s Google algorithm update. Therefore, I’ll do what I was trained to do – cross my fingers. The actions are well underway now, so if you feel a dip in rankings, don’t despair. As a famed movie villain said, ‘nobody panics because it’s all part of the plan’.

Android’s on Steroids

We’ve spoken at great intellectual length of the lack of delicious confectionary in the latest Andriod version. Despite the paper-tasting name, Number Ten, the OS appears to be an exciting piece of software. Now’s time to pop the bonnet and examine the engine! Some interesting parts to note: Great Samples Migration, Java-Friendly Kotlin Codelab, View Binding, and a whole lot more!

Truly, Nothing’s Un-Adaptable

Different codes mean different problems. Where in some methods, the argument type is an integer, while on the other it’s a class object – the solution may be tricky and time-consuming. In fixing this timeless calamity, the Adapter Pattern will be your saviour. When two interfaces don’t match, who you gonna call? But don’t just take my word for it – read the code below!

Love a little Logic

Bugs. Enough said. How do we destroy them? Embedded systems in IoT space are vulnerable in the age of merging software and hardware. So, take a page out of the ol’ book of logic and discover the recipe for successful debugging. All it needs is: a little bit of analytical thinking, general understanding of your embedded system, and just a pinch of love. Actually – no love. These are bugs, we’re talking.

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