04 October 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 25: Boston Dynamics and React Native News


Greetings, fellow Coders! It’s not every day you turn 25, and it’s a bit of a big deal too!

The tech world is a James Bond film: jam-packed with big-budget spectacles, and sophisticated solutions to the calamities of the world. Sometimes, it takes a hero to solve the problems abounding us, and some even feature a beautifully chaotic twist – a lemon twist.

With this said, we’re at 25 tremendously-turbulent issues, and still going stronger than ever. And like every James Bond flick, we’re hitting it off with a bang!

Join us for an issue filled with world-class upgrades, updates, and spectacular release dates.

Fireworks, anyone?


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, the Hacker’s Tribute

Spring into Action!

There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s taking Spring Framework to (literally) a whole new level! Spring Framework 5.2 is the vitamin injection you’ve been waiting for. Faster start-up times, complete new peak performance, and a breakthrough in progress for GraalVM native image support. Nothing says new beginnings like Five-Point-Two – now’s the time to explore it!

Up, Up and Array!

Here at The Hacker’s Tribute, we answer some of life’s broader philosophically technical questions. Specifically, we’d like to address Java Internals. Why does allocating a single 2D array take longer than a loop allocating multiple 1D arrays of the same total size and shape? The problem: HotSpot JVM has no fast path* for multianewarray bytecode. This instruction is always executed in VM runtime. Therefore, the allocation is not inlined in the compiled code. See the link for more info.

Go with the Workflow

Create and edit GitHub Actions easier than ever before – with this sleek new editor. Autocomplete, the greatest technological innovation since sliced bread, will help you fly across those pesky YAML indentation issues, and let you explore workflow syntax without seeking help from docs. Stay focused, code faster, eliminate mistakes and learn cron expressions more quickly than ever before. It’s a great time to be alive!

Boston’s Power Dynamic

Once upon a time, Hanna Barbera predicted robot nannies and flying cars. Since the days of the Terminator, we imagined hell-bent killing machines. Today, we employ a careful optimism. Boston Dynamics, the engineering and robotics design company, has realised yet-another science fiction. Their latest prototype takes on a humanoid form, with hints Moscow Circus Acrobatics. Click the link for the clip.

UI Tricks of the Trade

In the field of UX in sales and marketing, sometimes we need to be sneaky, and sometimes cunning. But when people become deceptive, lines get crossed. Sadly, many firms violate this principle, tricking us into buying and subscribing. The following blog outlines some common dark practices from a fresh perspective. It’s an incredibly useful tool to help distinguish the differences between persistence and dishonest trickery. Ethics class is back in session!

Chain Reaction

React Native developers rejoice! A solution is here, and its Open Source. Since May, This MIT-approved React for Windows is a performance-centric framework for cross-platform development emerging from Facebook. Developers could write code in JavaScript, and run on Android, iOS – now the honour has been extended to Windows and macOS. Give that phone a rest and expect a breath of fresh new performance!

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We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!


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