01 November 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 29: 50 Years of Internet


Greetings, Coders!

In the famous line by V, the protagonist of film V for Vendetta states: words give means to meaning. And I couldn’t agree more! But even the best writers need numbers to back themselves up.

Though sometimes, statistics don’t cut it either, instead requiring a moving, and compelling story. No time for suave narratives? Then how about some impulse and emotion?

Punctuate that with some excellent advice on widget compliance, and dealing with critics. And looks like you’ve got yourself a fantastic 29th issue of The Hacker’s Tribute.

Now we’re talking!

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski


Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

5 Stats to Excite Your Inner-App-Developer

Chocolate is dangerous for many. My guilty pleasure is combing through the numbers that power the beating heart of our digitally intelligent world. I have a feeling that I’m not alone here – with Hackernoon’s set of incredible statistics. Step back and experience the bigger picture – with this incredible five!

Deal with It: Brutal Code Reviews

You’re an artist – gifted at creating infinitely gorgeous lines of code. And like every piece of art, it will come under scrutiny at some point. These aptly named ‘Ten Commandments’ will help you navigate the muddy waters of obnoxious assessments, and leave you pristine, like the untouchable peacock that you are. Remember, everyone’s a critic. You’re awesome.

Widgets Shouldn’t Fidget

When creating widgets – some like to change, based on screen size. I don’t like that, not one bit. Whether it be a Mixcloud track, a Tweet, or a minigame – in a perfect, unspoiled world, we want them to appear optimised for our window. Is it too much to ask? Thankfully, the Flutter community have descended their ivory tower, and are lending a hand. Read for responsive UI – because you’re worth it.

Text Editing: A Nihilistic Approach

It’s grown to such a proportion; that this man boasts of his career in scrutinising it. This post, entitled; Text Editing Hates You Too is what I call deadpan and rant-filled, to comical proportions. We sympathise. Essentially, we have a list of lax user experience obstacles fogging the text editing process. Sometimes it actually feels good to view complaints!

WWW – Kind of a Big Deal

No, it wasn’t the US military. Someone told you this, and they heard it from someone else. Berkeley, Room 3420 was where it happened, on 29th October 1969. There the Internet was born. You’d think the place would be a museum. And which this room is strangely non-descript, the story within tells thrill, drama, and human revelation. Uncover the magic leading to the first inter-computer transmission.

Darting Around the Room!

Kotlin is pleasing. But Dart, well – it’s exciting! Here, we explore the Cascade, Spread, Nullability, Mixin, UI optimisation, all the go-betweens that make this open-source marvel a spectacle to watch, as it progresses. Async-await, RxDart, and much more, are what make Dart a challenge to even the most sceptical of coders. Read the post to find out why!

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