26 April 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 3: Chromium, Nimbus and JIT Compilers



The May holidays are powering up, while the rest of us get ready to power down. Relaxation is becoming all the rage. But not here!  

In fact, things are just heating up here at the epicentre of The Hacker’s Tribute. 

The internet is buzzing from the fiery depths of Firebase A/B testing to the magnificently stratospheric world of Cloud-based Java. Chromium wins yet another victory in the battle of the browsers, and JVM JIT compiler benchmarks are releasing a brand-new report.  

Get ready for an issue packed with technological marvel of global proportions.  

Because what more could you want? 

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski 

Editor, The Hacker’s Tribute  

1. Chromium with an Edge 

It’s the rock star open-source power source behind Google ChromeChromium will soon be adopted by Microsoft Edge, with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS features available. Some say Google’s gripping the Internet, whereas others are over the moon. What do you think?

2. Test on Fire (base)

Firebase A/B Testing is the lovechild of Firebase Analytics and Firebase Remote Config. Road test your app’s UI, features, or engagement campaigns easier than ever. It’s trial and error, minus those pesky blunders.

3. Java: Serving the Serverless 

So smooth, you’d think you were in a cloud… Nimbus is a Java framework relieving development, testing, and deployment of Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) applications in the cloud. Spare the hassle and enjoy seamless interaction with serverless providers.

4. JVM JIT Compilers: The Final Showdown 

The Compilers Benchmarks Report is the ultimate runtime arena. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and Just in Time (JIT) compilers battle it out in this virtual Grand Prix of runtime performance. The contenders: Oracle HotSpot C1/C2 JIT, and Oracle HotSpot Graal JIT.

5. Dev Tools to the Max! 

Chrome 75 doesn’t mess around with these serious toys. These weapons of fortune whisk you to the summits of Mount Webtopia. Here are just some of the goodies on offer; meaningful present values for CSS autocompletion, IndexedDB and Cache resource counts, and much more!

Being in the Node 

Codenamed ‘Erbium’, Node.js joins us in its 12th epic rendition. Enjoy LTS from October 2019 through to April 2022. Expect a grand debut into Phase 3 for ECMAScript Modules, V8 Engine, and Private Class Fields among other thrilling new features.


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