08 November 2019

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 30: Is MVP Really Dead?


Warmest Greetings, Coders!

And by warm, we refer to thirty red-hot issues.

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This week, we celebrate in spectacular style. We’ll start by exploring 60 enduring days of Flutter, before teaching navigation between multiple screens. Learn about the new fragment assistant, the death of the MVP, and some hideously attractive updates to Ogre.

Our birthday party is in full swing, but our present to you is tireless work for hard news, from the world’s most respected tech news outlet. Wired? Never heard of it…

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Multiple Screen Disorder

Multiple screens are no-longer just for pin-striped stockbrokers! Flutter does a tantalising job explaining to engineers how to navigate a host of screens (they call them ‘pages’), but this article explains it in English! Here, we explore fast page-turning, eloquent names to routes (Bob is used – wow, we love Bob), and some back buttons. This post takes navigation complication and boils it down to satisfaction.

60 Day Flutter Challenge

No place for Flutter sceptics here. For the ‘Android experienced’ with a curiosity for working with Flutter – behold! The following is a highly-encouraging Flutter review in all its glory. Discover why Dart is easy to handle and to write UI. Documentation is given a rosy approval, as is the entire community. If you need convincing of Flutter power, then look no further. It’s not bad, is it?

To Fragment is, To Unite

There’s no greater fiesta than AndroidDevSummit 2019. The Tommorowland of Tech has left in its wake android.fragment 1.2.0 – a release candidate boasting new APIs to ease dealing with fragments. A new ContainerView option and the FragmentFactory creation process is also sure to stir up some trouble. Revel in FragmentScenario testing, and now we’re seriously going for gold!

MVP is Dead

Many agree that the famed presenter-centred-logic model, ‘Model View Presenter’, is no-longer Android’s most viable option. The MVVP model is now according to some minds, the way to go. That’s right; they added a ‘V’ in there! Big interface and circular dependency are the main culprits, with cause for some scathing opinions. Long live the extra ‘V’!

From Zero to Neural

Using the power of Python, you too can see how to implement a Feedforward Neural Network from humble beginnings. Read on, and become a master of coding, generating dummy data, multi-class data, binary, training with Sigmoid Neuron, using 4D scatter plots, writing First FNNs, training, and all the in-betweens. Take a moment, and learn how to build your own, with this riveting insight.

Disgustingly Beautiful

Always read the fine print, it’s more important than the selling price. Ogre 1.12.3 is a minuscule update, but a bundle of new features and bug fixes are well-worth this valuable endorsement. Rejoice for Reversed-depth buffer support, full Unicode Path support, a real-time shader system, content scaling overlays, and native ImGui support. It’s an ugly name with a stunning package – get some!

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