06 December 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 34: HTTP Security Configuration Using Lambdas


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You’ve made it to another Friday and as the weekend is ahead, don’t forget to dig into the latest Hacker’s Tribute. The issue 34 tackles the challenges of public API in Kotlin, Chrome’s SMS Receiver API, HTTP security configuration using lambdas from the latest release of Spring Security 5.2, and Android summary of the good and the bad.

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Dan’ the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, the Hacker’s Tribute

Facing public API challenges in Kotlin

Compared to today’s Java, Kotlin is being recognised for its concise structure. Unless your data class type is not going to change over time in public API, you may need to maintain source and binary compatibility. Here’s how to address public API challenges in Kotlin, using a well-known comparison of a JAVA “POJO” and Kotlin data class for illustration.

SMS Receiver API for Chrome

As the browsers’ capabilities expand, there are more and more integration possibilities. One of these is the Chrome’s implementation of an API that allows for an integration of a phone number with a domain, giving an access to SMS. This SMS Receiver API simplifies the OTP workflow for users.

HTTP security configuration using lambdas

With the release of Spring Security 5.2, you may now increase the flexibility of HTTP security configuration using lambdas. As the prior configuration style is still an option, you may or may not choose the new feature. For a comparison of how this configuration styles compare, check the overview of Lambda DSL.

State of Android Development: 2019

Being an Android developer requires staying up to date with changing environment of native development for Android. As every 2-3 years Google releases new sets of recommendations, libraries and frameworks, it’s also good to sometimes take a moment to see what changed, and how. If you can relate to this, read the summary of native Android development:

Disturbing Android issues and how to fix them

Here are some more, but this time disturbing things from Android world. Learn about them, so you can avoid or fix them in your code. Anemic repositories, MVI and RxJava-induced design damage, and AAC ViewModel silently killing your app – check the link below to find solutions for these issues.

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