13 December 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 35: .NET Core, Azure, and JetPack


Greetings, fellow coders!

The smell of magnificence is in the air. Fresh updates from .NET, to Azure, to DartPad will keep your machine running as smooth as a German sports car, suave as an Italian, and sensual as a French cologne in the days of royalty.

Discover the new standard of WebAssembly, and what it means for your world. Oh, and be sure to catch some tips on Image Generation with Jetpack. We’re flying high tonight!

It’s all here, and more, with this week’s edition of The Hacker’s Tribute. You’re in for a good time.



Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

GET More with .NET Core!

What better way to celebrate the run-up to Christmas than with a shiny, gleaming new .NET Core! This version commits to you, as it promises to be a long-term supported (LTS) release. Showcased in stunning 3.1 with earth-defying performance improvements, JSON APIs, and with a readiness for even higher workloads, this love appears to be one engineered to last. 

Azure-ly You Can’t Be Serious?

With 3.0, we’re as serious as can be! This backwards-compatible release of Azure Functions means apps using older language versions will be able to upgrade to v3 and run on it without laborious code changes. Other notable goodies include the ability to work with .NET Core 3.1, and Node 12. No jokes here.

Jetpack Compose for the Image Conscious 

UI development is in for a revolution. Not a violent kind. A good kind – with benefits for all. Imagine a utopia where image creation is simplified and exemplified. Coil also aims to work effortlessly with Compose, which is also something to look forward to. Meanwhile, feel free to reach for those metaphorical stars, with Jetpack.


People can’t change who they are – and we all try. But DartPad can! This splendid new reincarnation of presents freshly-squeezed look-and-feel support for the renowned Flutter UI toolkit. A quick refresher: DartPad runs Dart programmes directly in your browser – and Flutter too! This open-source project will help you build your ultimate (re)invention in no time at all – make it so!

New Royal Standard 

In an official decree by the World Wide Web Consortium – the top bagels of the Internet – WebAssembly Core Specification is now an official web standard. With a focus on high performance, more web applications can bite into the world of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. An FYI: WebAssembly is the 4th language allowing browser-run code. “No more compromise on safety and convenience” – announces the internet, before popping another Don Perignon. 

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