28 February 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 39: The Simpsons in CSS?


It’s time to recognise the rise of the emotional being within!

Many look for deeper meaning through the next features of Angular 9. I sympathise. 10 shinging new features are 10 energetic new reasons to get up in the morning.But if ‘nothing’ gets you out of bed these days, then a special type in Kotlin by the name of ‘nothing’ may bejustwhat you need to soothe your melancholy.

If you’re looking for a digital vitamin injection, then harness the insurmountable power of Utils class in Kotlin. It’s an unstoppable and emotional revolutionary force. And if sentiments are your game, then look for TypeScript 3.8. Oh, and the Simpsons make an appearance – if that’s your thing. It’s going to be an uprising – power to Kotlin!

Viva Kotlin,

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Angling for Angular

Look out folks – Angular 9 is here! For developers all over the world, it’s a breath of fresh air, as the most popular JavaScript framework.A key goal is to make the Ivy compiler available for all apps – giving us all that golden chance to reduce application size and boost that sacred UX.Think this is the finalpiece of the puzzle?It gets better! Angular 10 ‘may’ be on its way in May, rumours circulate.

My Type of TypeScript

There’s only one language of love – and you guessed it – it’s Microsoft Typescript. Of course. Because nothing says romance like Microsoft Typescript. And no rendition spells sheer passion than 3.8., the number of this rendition.Intoxicate your senses with the exoticism ofType-OnlyImports and Exports, dazzle your intellect with ECMAScript Private Fields, tremble at the sight of Syntax, and ascend your understanding to Top-Level. Oh, there’s more, but you can look at that.

Putting the U in Utilitarian!

A society without classes? Who could have come up with such a thing… For those who understand the need for Utils class in Kotlin – you’re in luck. Learn how to create a utils class by placing methods inside an object. If you’re integrating with Java code, be sure to annotate it with @JVMStatic. See the post and learn the approaches necessary – it’llcertainlyhelp!

Nothing to See Here

No, not nothing. It’s something – but it’s Nothing. It’s not a Nihilistic term for depressed coders. It’s a Kotlin term – and that’s cheerful, right?Nothing is a particular type in Kotlin toindicatethat the execution of a function that returns itwill not proceed. I guess thatdoesmeans ‘nothing’, then. As minimalistic as it sounds, it’s crucial – and Zac Sweers will tell you exactly why.

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The Simpsons in CSS?

What better way to wind down something oh-so-serious as CSS? What if we couldjustput down the no-nonsense mask, and design something more on the lighter side? What if we lived in a world where someone could create The Simpsons characters using CSS? Oh boy, what a world that could be. Guess what – that world is right here.Behold a collection of beloved characters from only the most celebrated animated show – now made with cascading style sheets. What a time to be alive!

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