13 March 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 40: the Power of Rome


What better way is there to celebrate a 40th Anniversary? I say it should be an all-out extravaganza!

Stay safe and secure with Microsoft updates, feel the power of the machine with Google Cloud Machine Images, or examine the sheer ferocity of Rome – the experimental JavaScript toolchain.

If bigger things are what you’re after – then fear not! A telling tale of start-up genius is here to motivate you. But if you’re human, and you are, then we’ll guide you through some very particular types as well.

The biggest and best technological publication comes from only years’ experience. I’m here to tell you what’s what.

Let’s power on – because 40 is the new billion!

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

You’re Just My Type

Straight out of Soundcloud’s developer blog – learn how to achieve readable and self-documented types by favouring custom types. Danny Preussler explains the power of types and the world-dominating implications of it. Easier readability, better expression, and simplified tracking methods. It’s all here in this post by one of SoundCloud’s finest!

The JavaScript Experiment Gone Right!

Oh no – it isn’t what you’re thinking. That empire fell a millennium ago. But boy, did Rome leave its mark. This Rome is an experimental Javascript toolchain. But just like its forefathers – it’s an unstoppable force featuring a: compiler, linter, formatter, bundler, testing framework, and more. All elements are custom, and MIT licensed. React Native’s team brought this into fruition – discover how. Take no prisoners.

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No Better Time for a Start-Up

Sometimes a little bit of narrative is enough to motivate us. When the market tumbles, so do peoples’ dreams. Not in this case. Uncover why it takes hard times to make cold hard cash and blossom your idea into big fortunes. Written in late 2008 – this post argues why it’s the best time to start a start-up. All it takes is a bad economy. Brains help too.

Machine Image-Conscious

Google Cloud has just released machine images in Beta. A quick crash course will remind you that a machine image contains data such as configuration, metadata, permissions, and data from one or more disks. Use them to heart’s content in maintenance, instance creation, backup, recovery, and cloning – the good kind of cloning. Unlock the guide right here and get creating!

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Reliable Protection

Keeping nastiness at bay is half the work in this business. And in the Wild West of the WWW, Microsoft Security updates sometime happen all at once. Plug into the world’s most intimidatingly comprehensive updates, upgrades, and uplifting boosters. I only speak to people who protect with the latest tools. Be one of them!

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