10 April 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 42: Free Courses and Workshops


It’s a sunny day, with sunnier implications!

But why strike such a positive note? Well, in times of thunder, comes a bright flash of lightning. And this lightning is filled with opportunity. Our issue doesn’t just dabble in updates and upvotes – oh no, it’s much more than that! We’re equally thrilled to share a host of free courses and workshops by some of the world’s leading sites.

Because while our world is in for a shake-up, you are in for the chance of a lifetime. To build yourself, boost your skills, and emerge into the world a better, more powerful hacker than ever.

So sit back, order in some food deliveries, and get learning!


Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Eclipse This!

Behold, the 1-point-oh’s to rule them all. The Eclipse Foundation has just rivetingly announced the all-new Eclipse Theia. It’s a 1.0 release providing JavaScript framework for building Web IDEs. Run them on the web, or into an Electron application. It’s free, open-source, and a favourite of commercial and open-source IDEs. If you’re after creating developer tools with the charisma of VS Code, then these’ll be the bee’s knees. Get going now!

Java 15 is on its way!

The upcoming world-renowned, earth-shattering Java Development Kit is confirmed and will be in developers’ hands in September. JDK 15 will spoil you with text blocks, Z and Shenandoah garbage collectors, as well as hidden classes. But with every action, comes a rejection. This time, it’s the removal of the Nashorn engine in favour of GraalVM. Step into the future – because it’s now.

Pluralsight #FREEapril

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But there is a thing as free education. Get up to speed with Pluralsight, offering tech courses for the round sum of zero. Personalise your skillset, boost your career, save the world, and get your crush’s attention. All this is possible, except for that last part. But believe us, in 30 days, your skills will experience a real vitamin injection.

Packt Free Workshop Access

No, lunches are still going to cost you. But Packt is offering an entire year of access to its workshops. Technical training is available in all its complementary splendour. All that’s asked in return is that you register. That’s free as well. Choose from SQL to Python, or JavaScript workshops. It’s all here, and eager to enlighten.

Use Cases that Never Lose

Clean Architecture is all the rage. That’s why it’s a notable life skill when learning how to write use cases in Kotlin. Discover how to implement them and understand the trade-offs involved in the implementation strategy. Use case classes, or Interactors, are the bread and butter of Kotlin. Read this post, and the rest is toast!

Knowledge is free and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of Web and Mobile App Development.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!

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