24 April 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 43: Party Like It’s 1998!


Greetings, fellow coders!

I know you’re staying safe and out of unnecessary trouble. Instead, you’re staying home, or at least out of the way of your fellow hackers.

Ideally, you’re doing something productive with your time – naturally. The best of you are even taking a moment and learning to reflect on Errors – such as those in Android, which you plan to avoid.

Or perhaps you’re taking action – by building masks of your own. Maybe DYI masks are child’s play, and you’re after a more ambitious project? Be sure to read up on an Arduino experiment in that case.

This time – we’ve got a healthy issue, a conscious issue, and above all – a positive issue. The Hacker’s Tribute supports those on the frontlines – just as it endorses the heroes from behind the scenes.

Stay informed and stay indoors. We’ve got a significant number ‘43’ in store for you.


Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Give Back and Develop Now!

To join ranks with the prestigious Google Developer Experts is akin to winning a presidential election. It’s a great programme reserved for those with a passion for building their community. Once you receive this coveted recognition, you’ll be given access to conferences, seminars, and Google IO, along with a host of perks. Click below to read about one lucky Android developer’s journey.

DIY facemasks

Face coverings are a new normal. But times might be a little tough, and getting hold of a mask may be difficult. Behold a super-simple solution for those of us who hold no skills in sewing. If you’re at least able to sew – then there’s an easy recipe for a homemade mask here as well. So, get going – practice makes perfect protection!

Make a Hi-Tech Mask

A DIY ventilator? Not the best idea – if you’re planning to pitch to the local health authority. However, if you’re looking to conduct a theoretical experiment – then Arduino just might be the thing! We explore how to turn a CPAP machine into a ventilator, with the Arduino Nano at the centre of the action. FYI – this is an at-home experiment and not a medical tool.

Handle Your Errors Like a Pro

Just how do we propagate errors between layers in Clean Architecture? Learn the merits of simple rules and understanding the responsibility of each layer. Be sure to handle your exceptions too, and you’ll be mastering errors with grace and sophistication. What better outcome could an Android developer possibly ask for? Read the insights by Duy Pham now!

Party Like It’s 1998!

There’s a delicate joy from nostalgia. Windows 98 was a pleasure. Think back to the days of the shifting hourglass during page loads. Those were simpler times. If you’re looking to add retro to your UI – then look no further than the Windows 98 CSS file. Blast through the past with old-school buttons, checkboxes, and option controls. Because web page colours are overrated.

Knowledge is free and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of Web and Mobile App Development.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!

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