05 June 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 46: Flutter Tips and Tricks


Greetings, Coders,

It’s a time for connection, it’s a time for education, but for some – it’s a time to get the hell out of dodge! This issue promises you the need-to-know tricks to help master the maze of Flutter. We’ll also introduce you to Saved State modules to keep things protected. Oh, and get ready for a bold new development in static web applications. Learn how a German city decided to ditch Microsoft – while we teach you the power of Mixins.

It’s all here, and more, in this new issue of the Hacker’s Tribute. Jump into a world of possibility – with a hint of shock and awe.

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Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Model State-of-Mind

ViewModel powers through life with passion and ferocity – just as any reliable architectural pattern should. There’s of course, the matter of end of life. When this happens, apps simply stop, drop, and crash. ViewModel’s Saved State module might offer you a way out, and even save your bacon during a system-initiated process death. Get proactive and maintain your state of mind now!

56 Flicks, Tricks, and Flutter Tips

It’s a software with a mind and personality of its own. If you don’t get wise, Flutter might even outmanoeuvre you! It’s time to get street smart. Thanks to these nifty tips and tricks, you’ll wow the crowds with Autocomplete Suggestions, managing Null Operators, Defining Functions ‘within’ functions, Shader mask widgets, and … 52 other incredible golden nuggets of advice!

Mixins it Up in Here!

This one’s for the Java aficionados 😊. Mixins are the solution that’s saving us programmers from repeating ourselves! Discover how Mixins provide reusable code in multiple class hierarchies, and how to restrict usages. Uncover the gentle fine art of applying this potent tool when dealing with various class hierarchies. It’s the ultimate secret weapon, and will help you save precious, precious time!

Read more: Mixins in Dart

Ecstatic Apps

Static front-end design patterns are all the rage. As web apps increasingly opt-out of web servers, they are on the hunt for new structures. For the developer looking to ‘up their game’ – App Service Static Web Apps are ideal for full-stack JavaScript web apps using static front-ends, dazzling back-ends, and a serverless API. Read the official post by Microsoft tech community now!


It’s not just the sea breeze. A wind of change is blowing through the air in Hamburg. Germany’s second-largest city is also the nation’s second to rule out the use of Microsoft (after Munich), in favour of Linux, and other open-source programmes. It’s no easy task to migrate an entire city – but then again, with enough brainpower, anything is possible! Click to read the report.

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