19 June 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 47: The Return of the 90’s Web


Quickly, Coders, there’s very little time!

In this issue, we’ll be blasting through the outer reaches of the universe – with the fierce dominating power of Jetpack Compose. It’s an intimidating and expansive domain. In fact, we’d be nowhere without Dagger support!

Travel, of course, doesn’t require a trillion-light-year mileage. It can also be virtual, with a little help from Mozilla VPN. But who said travel requires a destination? How about a time? We’ll be heading to a period of simplicity in the dawn of modern tech – the 1990s.

This issue pays tribute to the hacker-explorer in all of us. It’s time to unleash!

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Dagger’ed to the Hilt!

Dependency injections are a love story for many, but a Shakespearean tragedy for many more. Here, we explore a journey of monolithic proportions. Your ticket to this great voyage rests with the power of Dagger – a vanilla dagger without support. Alternatively, you can opt for Dagger Android, which takes a vanilla dagger, and provides an API – for that extra ‘flavour’ boost. There’s nothing more effective than a means to simplify, standardise, and energise!

Back in Jetpack

Don’t waste a second rustling through the unsettling terrains of planet earth. Blast away into the promised land of Android Jetpack. It’s a suite of libraries powering you with high-quality app writing, legacy OS support – and a galaxy of features. The success has been astounding – with developer teams from across the universe aching for a share of its marvellous power. That power is flourishing!

Alpha Daggers

So potent, so powerful – that we just had to mention it twice! Dagger Hilt is in its early Alpha stage. That means it’s not ready for any high-stakes shenanigans, nor is it primed for perfection. But expect some early victories for testers, fresh out of the bag. Experience a reduced overhead, eliminate boilerplate responsibilities and enjoy a breathtaking, refreshingly streamlined experience.

It Always Gets Beta’

Android 11 has reached the Beta stage – with an oh, so, sweet release. Kotlin developer updates are all the rage too. Three main philosophies dominate this edition: People, Controls, and Privacy. ‘Peeps’ can expect improved communications with voice access and conversation notifications. Control improvements will happen in media, and device capabilities, whereas privacy controls and permissions will feature all around. Discover the most forward-thinking update ever.


Travel the world without lifting an inch off of your ergonomic computer chair. Wherever there’s an IP address – your new Firefox Private Network will oblige and enlighten. The VPN market is saturated and competitive – so getting an edge can mean some serious business. Explore the majesty of Mozilla’s VPN when it comes out, but feel free to lay on the critique once it comes out. It’s good to share some brutal truth to improve a new product. If your impatience overshadows your standards, then give the BETA version a go.

The Return of the 90’s Web

Take a step back into the days of dial-up and Will Smith. According to some, the golden age of Tamagotchi is returning. Design trends will remain locked in that decade – but many practices are making a comeback. Brush shoulders with Server-side Rendering, revel in No-Code Tools, and dazzle in niche communities, and web monetisation. Pair this with some of your favourite Kurt Cobain records, and you’ve got yourself a party!

Knowledge is free and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of Web and Mobile App Development.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!

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Hackers of the world dream to be him. And that’s an understatement. With methods decades ahead of cyberspace, he’s proceeded only by his own reputation. ‘The Man’ infamous for single-handedly causing the ’08 global financial meltdown, he dropped off-grid searching for purpose. He twice-dominated each of the Himalayan peaks, negotiated the rift valleys of Africa, and swam the Amazonian Basin end-to-end. It was in Siberia where we caught up to him – convincing him to work for the ‘good guys’. The veteran’s veteran of coding, now confidently within our ranks, is finally a force for good. Just don’t test him.