31 July 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 50: Celebrating 50 Issues


To my loyal, devoted, and emboldened hackers, this is our golden age.

Just last year – if you were to tell me that I would create the world’s most prolific, and scientifically controversial tech publication on the face of the earth – then I would’ve laughed you out of my home. Today, I’m still laughing you out of my house. Only this time, I preside over an empire.

Fifty issues have led to this proud and climatic moment, and I’m ecstatic to share it with you. It has been a pleasure to explore the peaks and depths of the technological world – to invite you on this journey of extravagance, complexity, and digital discovery.

We’re carrying on – with Pure functions in GO, Mouth-watering Texas BBQs powered by legacy computers, ‘Badpower Attacks’ setting off trails of destruction – literally, Android Vitals, and iOS programming with Flutter – but not as you know it.

We might be celebrating half a century – but as usual, expect quality journalism, with unquestionable rationality, and passionate testimonials.

Here’s to 50 issues, and another 50 more!

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Go Pure!

In the digital age, nothing is sacred. But there might just be a hero that inspires hope. Pure functions in Go keep applications running with no-fuss, and no-hassle. There’s a good case for them, given their role in simplifying and speeding up programmes. Plus, if errors are a bother, Pure makes sure to take the fight straight to the source. Read the post by Lane Wagner to find out why these could be your saving grace!

Smokin’ Hot

Nothing beats a Texas barbecue. But with the miracles of modern – and retro – technology, you can enhance the timeless sensation of smoking meat, using a 40-year-old Commodore 64. Just like our forefathers. Using the original controller, an ingenious pioneer was able to connect the heating elements associated with a sophisticated ‘smoker’ grill. When an appetite for deliciousness beckons us – humans are capable of crafting NASA-grade machinery from the comfort of their guest room. Bon appetit!

We Didn’t Start the Fire…

… it was always burning – since the world discovered BadPower Attacks. Now, we’re not going to condone destruction, but consider this a power, demanding mass sums of responsibility. With this trick, it’s possible to exploit poorly-secured firmware to overload digital devices with more voltage than they can handle. Consider this a public service. This should be used as a tool for justice – if it weren’t for the fire caused.

iOS without the iDevice

Put your wallet away. It’s possible to build an iOS app, without even lifting a finger to touch an iPhone, iPad, or iAnything for that matter. With the power of Flutter, you can take advantage of the unified codebase, to get things rolling. We won’t lie, the experience isn’t pretty. Apple sadistically makes an entangling mess of programming without the use of their devices. But it’s possible. So, you might need to shell out those 1000 dollars for a device, or months of post-trauma therapy.

Vitals on Droids

Let’s get serious. This series discusses in-production Android apps, with stability and performance issues. It gets chilly, with monitoring of the ‘cold start’. This refers to an app’s from-scratch boot time. It’s the first of many posts, with this instalment exploring cold starts with frosty detail. Think of it as a preparation before the big game. Believe us, the knowledge is worth it!

Knowledge is free and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of Web and Mobile App Development.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!

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