20 November 2020

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 58: Gone in a Flash


Hello, Hackers!

The times are changing. Not everyone has a soft spot for the old school. But, for every detractor there is a conservationist.

This issue explores the disappearing internet forums, and planned implosion of Flash Animations. We’ll also jump into the latest Firefox, with the ‘meh’ and ‘not-so-meh’ features it has to offer. Some solutions are still impressive, such as the Linux patch, or the latest Vodka browser extension. Hey, it’s here to boost creativity – purely professional stuff!

Here’s to another incredible issue!


Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Gone in a Flash (Animation, Heh)

You spent your childhood around computers of course. So, you’ll know what we’re getting at. Flash animations were the centrepiece of an era when share meant crowding together around a computer screen. Flash announced the imminent end-of-life for its cult favourite Flash Animations. Before you succumb to the nihilistic tendencies of the world at-large, consult the Internet Archive. Their plan is to safeguard and emulate Flash animations and games. Our grandchildren will live for something.

Have Vodka = Get Creative

Who ever said a tipple doesn’t help loosen our artistic inhibitions? A few rounds, and you’ve got yourself some of the world’s best singers, writers, and the occasional public nuisance. This browser extension platform, by the name of ‘Vodka’, offers coders a complete creative edge over their writings. Explore new engagements in building code and master the art of the Lisp programming language.

HTTPs This!

The all-new Firefox 83 is here in spectacular style. It’s a large number, yet in spite of being packed with sophistication and simplicity, it’s features are modest. You might think this to be a peculiar choice of words, but when JavaScript promises a 15% speed boost, we feel that kick should have a pinch more power. HTTPs-Only mode is something else entirely, however. So whilst speed might not be the strongest suit, security is taking a front-row set in this adventure.

The Fleeing Forum Tragedy

It’s happening. The internet as we know it is collapsing. According to a great many internet observers, the coveted online forums once famed for their genuine conversations and occasional irrational profanities is experiencing a steep decline. Creaky old infrastructure is an obvious culprit, as is a trend toward app-based forums. Is this the signal of an end to online communities? Will people flock to Facebook? Find out just how much people are willing to look toward Big Tech…

Patch that Linux Now!

Nothing better than a readymade solution to get you through the day. Let this one be your superfood breakfast smoothie, packed with Linux patches and long-resolved trust issues, prepared by none-other than the cyborgs at Google, your friendly neighbourhood search engine. Expect infinite strength and security for your Hyper Threading efforts, and select permission for shared core usage to be taken by, wait for it – trusted programmes.

Knowledge is free and shared. We’re always on the lookout for new insights into the world of Web and Mobile App Development.

We’ll be in touch with more news, as it happens!

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