15 February 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 61: I Got 83 Problems


Dearest Hackers!

We’re in for an exciting year 2021! Our issue covers wisdom, good fortunes, and plain dumb luck.

In these dynamic days, – staying healthy is just part of the fun when Bluetooth becomes part of our masks. Explore 83 solutions to 83 unique #MicrosoftProblems. Experience a great, or not-so-great migration. Get a ticket to the JStars – the glitterati of JavaScript in the developer world. And, if you’re looking for some clarity – look no further than the release of Wine 6.0.

Stay alert, stay safe, and stay true to the world’s most prolific software publication. Your year is about to heat up. Let’s ignite that competitive spirit now!

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

I Got 83 Problems…

Microsoft has a reputation for striking the iron while it’s still flaming hot. And that iron is burning with 83 different security issues. It’s all thanks to a technical flaw in Windows Exchange, as well as the ambitious ‘Edge’ browser. Oh, we know you’ve seen the notifications for it – but have you used it? Need an urgent remedy? Get your dose of patches, updates, and critical repairs.

Great Migration

Do Pronounce it like a compliment: “Great Migration!”

Don’t pronounce it like a complaint: “Great, Migration…“

Get a front-row seat for the action, as Brad Fitzpatrick and David Crawshaw explain the nitty-gritty of writing out a single large JSON object to a text file. Explore how an ensuring Tailscale control plane has the potentials of scaling and improving your release process. For extra credit, read up on how their talents managed to reduce writes from seconds to mere milliseconds!

Bluetooth Smart Masks

We didn’t bother issuing a snappy title for this one, considering the ridiculousness of this subject. Smart masks provide users with the standard anti-COVID protections you would typically find in an *ahem*, analogue mask. So, why the need for mobile connectivity? This mask provides an inbuilt microphone, lightweight earbuds, and a modest price tag of $49.95. Whoever said vanity tech can’t re-establish itself in the heat of a global pandemic?

The Rising JStars!

Hollywood glamour is an afterthought. These are the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, and Palm d’Or rolled into one digital package. Today, we witness the prestigious, shameless, and gravity-defying JavaScript rising stars of 2020! Unveil the best projects, based on GitHub stars over the past year. Explore categories from Front-end Frameworks, Node.js Frameworks, React Ecosystem, Vue Ecosystem, and much, much more!

Wining and Dining

The Wine team are thrilled to inform the world that a ‘stable as a table’ release, 6.0, is finally available. Thanks to 8,000 changes, and a year of tinkering behind the scenes, users can expect the following major changes to help them in record time. Some aspects include PE format core modules, Vulkan backend for WineD3D, DirectShow and Media Foundation support, and text console redesign. And that’s not all – this module breathes new life into C Runtime, Kernel, and Desktop integration.

Read more: Wining and Dining

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