12 February 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 63: Away with the Cookies


Dearest Hackers and Mind-Benders,

We at The Hacker’s Tribute does not advocate actual hacking, nor does it encourage hackers to thrive. But what we do encourage – is preparedness.

Our issue captures the Ancient Greek godlike powers of Xeus, Google’s cookie elimination, Mozilla’s obsession with ‘fuzz’, and the most mellow update to Haxe we have ever seen.

We also make a mention of a recent hacking incident in the gaming community. CD Projekt Red may have been ‘broadsided’ by a traditional ransom attack, but their resolve is as strong as ever. Our job is to ridicule those who seek to destroy, and salute to those who stand up to bullies. Our hats are off to you.

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Away with the Cookies

It’s always a great time to begin a diet. Google Chrome is doing away with those pesky cookies that have come to haunt privacy lovers since the advent of the internet. Get ready for an update that aims to rid itself of third-party cookies forever. But for those thinking this marks the end of advertising – think again. You’ll still be targeted, but with more control inflicted from the big boys at Google – not the junior players, from some of the sites you know and love. Click here to learn how this affects you, and your customers’ online adventures.

The Thunder of Xeus!

Don’t hold back now! Get the access you need; with the confidence you deserve. The xeus-sql is an all-rounder database access tool for Jupyter, granting you with the superpowers to make SQL enquiries on a range of exciting databases. From MySQL, to PostgreSQL, SQLite3, DB2, Oracle, Firebird, and any database with an ODBC driver – you’ll be visualising queries with the best of them! See the blog and try it for yourself too!

What the Fuzz?

Browser fuzzing sounds like menacing business – but it’s a helpful tool used by Mozilla to detect and destroy quality and security issues. Fuzzing helps your site in more ways than one – from Build Instrumentation, Generating Test Cases, Executing, Reporting, and Scaling, as well as reporting and measuring success within the site. In all, the writers here can only assume that Mozilla has a strong affinity for using this word – and we can’t blame them – it’s just great to say!

Haxe 4.2.0

The smoke has cleared, ladies and gentlemen – the 4.2.0 edition of Haxe is here and shares a smooth blend of features! Feel completely at ease, with Module-level fields forever! Enjoy old school ‘Classic’ abstract classes and functions. Take a relaxing time out, with rest arguments for all targets, and satisfy your appetite with a host of other exciting features too! With the power of 4.2.0, writing code has never been so joyful and carefree!

The Hack

Sorry CD Projekt Red. Even the likes of John Wick himself will not stop a coordinated attack. But hey, as the ancient saying goes; the day you go online – is the day you start defending yourself. But we’re not pulling punches here. The bad guys may initiate the battle – but the meticulously prepared at CDPR refused to negotiate the ransom – falling back on their backups. If that isn’t preparation for the cyber age, then we don’t know what is. What do we do when we fall, Bruce?

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