26 February 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 64: Python Turns 30


Greetings, Dearest Hackers,

We’re here to celebrate some milestones: the 10th birthday of D3.js, the 30th birthday of Python, and the first Linux-powered NASA module to touch down onto Mars. Learn how to migrate your incredible app to the cloud and shed some serious light on programming your next game idea into existence. We bring you our 64th issue packed with optimism and energy as far-reaching as the solar system itself.

To infinity, and beyond, eh?

Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

Linux Life on Mars

It’s not every day that you land on Mars. With landing on the red planet, you’ll certainly have achieved the ‘first’ of something: first Hacker to land on Mars, first socially-awkward interaction on Mars, first missed dentist appointment – due to landing on Mars… the list is extensive, but here’s one first that matters. It’s the landing of a special Nasa module powered by Linux – how exciting! Imagine your OS being the delivery vehicle to take you to outer space. Windows, and iOS … we won’t hold our breath.

Python Turns 30

Celebrate the 3rd decade of the world’s most ‘binding’ programming language. A favourite among newbies, this young, rebellious tool has snaked its way into some of our favourite online apps, from the vanity of Instagram to the TL;DR’s of your Dropbox content. But how is this digital staple looking to commemorate its quarter-life crisis with us? Let’s wait and see!

Migrating your app to the Cloud

An immensely popular game, Grand Theft Auto V (a.k.a. GTA V) satirises it well: “it’s utopia, nothing could possibly go wrong”. But in truth, migrating to cloud based infrastructure might be the best medicine for your good-gracious-outrageous-delicious application. Read Asim’s tips on how to create cloud-centric security models, redesign defence controls, and redefine DevOps for better security. When the earth disappoints, don’t keep your head in the clouds – upload there instead!

DIY Gaming

We’ve all had a game idea building up in our minds. Some of us have it written down on a napkin, while some might have even pitched the idea to someone in the biz. But when it comes to building it – playtime is over. There will be important rules that you’ll need to consider when creating and building your prototype. The good news is, we have golden advice to get your started! Read the insights to create a virtual paradise, especially if it means escaping this one. And if that world fails, build another to escape from that one too!

D3.js – 10th Anniversary Lessons

With 10 years under the belt, D3 1.0 is ready to take on the world. Mike Bostock, former graphic for the New York Times, and founder of Observable shares his take on his experience with open-source visualisation. Learn the importance of teaching for tool building, support as a means of research, the hidden cost of visual features, the spectrum for visualisation, and how to genuinely have a good time! Get a glimpse from a leading D3 authority now!

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