21 May 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 70: Origami Websites Get Personal


Dearest Hackers and Mind-Benders!

There’s magic in the air, and we know you feel it too! It could be the power of a half-million lines of Go, the sophistication of ViewfinderJS’ browser isolator, or Jolie’s service-first programming language… Or perhaps we’re in awe of the age of optimism in the technological community with ClickHouse. Maybe, just maybe, our delight is at the elegance and passion of personal Origami websites. In fact, I’d say it’s a combination of all of these things.

We say it’s a perfect issue blending sophisticated solutions with classic attitudes to problems. Come see for yourself – it’s the old world, meeting the new one!


Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

500,000 Lines of Go

Half a million of anything seems like a great deal. And when it comes to the Go programming language, that’s a colossal effort indeed. But after hitting this ego-enticing milestone, several engineers have begun issuing their two cents on the matter. What’s most noticeable is its verbosity compared to Python. But as it turns out – that’s a good thing! With such velocity, impeccable tooling, and astronomical production value, it’s an investment well-made. See how these brainiacs attempted Goliath using this programming language – to joyous fanfare!

Origami Websites Get Personal

Your most attractive quality is your passion for something. It could be food, travel, or a hobby of some sort. Read about how one man’s delight in the ancient art of origami has inspired him to build a personal website. Why is this post relevant? It suggests a superiority over social media. A genuine website takes time, and this post explores everything you would need to begin from scratch. From planning features to structural decisions to tech stacks – read Michał Kosmulski’s extensive tell-all and learn a few tricks!

ViewfinderJS – Alone, but Never Lonely

Sometimes, hiding in plain sight might just get you out of trouble. As a browser-within-a-browser, ViewfinderJS is precisely that. No matter your server or location, this cloud-powered explorer brings you a secure browsing experience that costs nothing but might just get you everything. Read the post, and try a demo of this clientless, open-source piece of technological marvel designed to isolate you from the chaos of the outside internet world. Breathe, friend.

Jolie at your service

The building blocks of sites are now seen as something different entirely. Jolie tokenises vital functions and renders them as replicable services, made to duplicate to your heart’s desire. Designed for microservices and API’s, this service-oriented programming language revolutionises the way you develop web applications. It’s protocol-agnostic, utilises dynamic error handing for parallel code, maintains solid foundations – and much more. With such a portfolio, it’s no wonder it inspired the stage name of Hollywood types!

Welcome to the ClickHouse

Shut the door and have a seat; the heartwarming people of the ClickHouse community are here to tell you a story. This digital society arose from an original need for Yandex Metrica’s web analytics before turning into a database and covering a broad spectrum of use cases. Today, it’s a major open-source project with developers from across the planet. From its humble beginnings in ’08 to its status as an SQL data warehouse – it’s a community that wants you!


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