22 October 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 77: Windows 11 Printer Rage!


Greetings, Coders!


It's been a chaotic couple of days. The new iPhone is already vulnerable to hacking, as proved the dedicated geeks of the world. Ubuntu is showcasing its latest version for the world to gasp. Also, join the fury at the Brother printers’ hate for the new Windows 11, revel in the wonders of the MuJoCo physics simulator, and embrace the API’s designed to stop XSS on your Google and Mozilla web apps. It’s a wild ride as always, on this edition of The Hacker’s Tribute.




Dan 'The Man' Kowalski


Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


Apple’s Unlucky 13

They did it. The uncrackable phone has been smashed to smithereens – including consumer confidence in the iPhone 13’s security. China’s annual Tianfu hacking competition had challenged hackers to break through the latest iPhone’s iOS 15.0.2, its latest OS to-date. With months of preparation, the digital demagogues were able to penetrate the phone’s systems in 2 seconds flat. In this journalist’s opinion, the showcase demonstrated the infuriating power of a determined nerd to its absolute fullest.

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Bring it on GNOME-y

Ubuntu’s latest release of its software has led it to 21.10, also known as the ‘Impish Indri.” It’s a taste of tomorrow’s main menu, as we approach the 22.04 long-term support release. Most notable is the upgraded UI, offering workspaces right on the Activity page of the interface. Explore Linux kernel 5.13, a left-side screen dock, and the latest Kubuntu showcasing its all-new 5.22 desktop.

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Evil Brother of Windows 11

Once upon a time, Windows released a flagship update. The printers of the world then came together and said ‘no.’ And so, they got together and rejected a large portion of humankind’s computers. The end. This isn’t even an original story! Some printers just don’t print for the hell of it. So, for those experiencing some well-deserved printer rage, this story goes out to you! Now breathe, and speak to Frank in Accounting, his computer seems to be the only one to work with the printer, for some stupid reason…

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The Ultimate Physics Simulator

Feel the power of the universe, without even touching a single object. The MuJoCo physics simulator has been acquired by DeepMind, to advance its robotics project. But instead of developing the world’s next generation of socially awkward androids, the tech firm is releasing the code into the open-source world. That’s right, you too can enjoy the wealth of clean APIs, powerful scene descriptions, biomechanical simulation, and more!

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Sanitation Season

Google and Mozilla, hate cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks on their web applications. And who wouldn’t? Malicious JavaScript code can infect and destroy the dignity that is a digital creation. And nobody deserves that! That’s why the tech powerhouses are close to completing their purpose-built security APIs to avoid such nonsense. It’s a work in progress, admittedly, but is already available in special flag configurations.

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