05 November 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 78: No Place for Your Face!


My Dearest Hackers,


There’s already a Metaverse, and it wasn’t made by Facebook’s newly renamed parent company. But while they can’t claim that to their name, they are dropping facial recognition – so it all evens out. Microsoft, meanwhile, is releasing its new SQL Server 2022, while others are gaining Python insights through none-other than the legendary heatmap. And, if you’re looking at some reverse-engineering, our contributors have you covered!

It’s all here and more, on this week’s edition of the word’s most notorious tech publication.





Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


Your Face(book) Not Recognised!

No surprise here. The lack of clear facial recognition data laws means Facebook will stop collecting the troves of creepy details regarding people’s faces. It seems that templates for recognising you will also become deleted. Is there another play here? I’m looking for a ‘hook’, as we never know with the tech giants. But it actually seems that we can take a breath for now.

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Sneak Peek: SQL Server 2022

At The Hacker’s Tribute, we value scheming and subterfuge in our attempt at world domination. Microsoft seems to prefer performance, security, and availability. If these qualities speak to you, then you’re bound to love the new SQL Server 2022. Enjoy business continuity, seamless analytics, and performance upgrades that put Usain Bolt to shame. Though, this goodie bag isn’t ready for the masses yet – but only for a select few. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will deem you worthy? Check it out now.

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Software in-Reverse

Supercharge your reverse-engineering skills now, with this incredible, in-depth guide that brims with purpose and savage opinion. Learn why goals are a necessity, how data will guide you to greatness, and the secrets to taking a smart approach. Become a master of your craft and even learn to spot some potentially exploitable vulnerabilities – just for kicks. If a dozen years of experience doesn’t give this post unquestionable authority, then all I’ve learned is officially out the window!

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Snakes on Fire!

Heatmaps tell us everything we need to know in the UX research world. And if this doesn’t speak to you, they’re also used to dramatize news items for sweet, sweet clickbait. Python seems to be getting in on that flaming action. This demo will show you how to apply IPython magic command to view and profile python code as a heat map. See the guide and be wowed by the fire. Just don’t get burned!

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Meta – 5 Years Late

An impressive virtual universe teeming with connectivity and smart advertising? Sounds like a monetized utopia! But wait, doesn’t it already exist? Minecraft, of course, is touted as the pioneer of the metaverse, and a land where creations are a reality. The article by Clive Thompson makes for a pretty compelling case if you ask me – but see for yourself.

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