19 November 2021

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 79: Fighting on the Edge of Reason!


Hackers, Hackers, Hackers,


The cyber world is filled with fascinating characters. From the heroes saving us from default browser selections, to the clueless decisionmakers of YouTube, to the daredevils of MongoDB. Our issue recognises all the figures of the digital sphere. Step back in time with Microsoft Office 2000, or experience the potential of PlanetScale – it’s galactic. As always, we bring you the latest and greatest in the peaks and valleys of the technological world.

To infinity - and be-gone!





Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


The Edge of Reason

The ironic thing is, Microsoft Edge might very-well be the greatest browser in the world. But we’ll never, ever know about it. That’s because we will always hate being ‘strapped to the barrel’ through the sneaky doings of vendors and operating systems. OS’ have long been at-fault for locking us into their native products. And while it’s harder to avoid default apps, there’s a solution ready to block. Edge Deflector does just that, by fighting the evils of the default Microsoft browser of the same name. Don’t waste time, get protected and deflect the forceful innovations of your factory-settings web browser immediately!

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Mongo del Mundo

The brains in charge of the document non-relational database of MongoDB are bringing us their latest update – of 5.1! Have you got any unfinished business? Forget the bugs remaining in 5.0, because with more time series data and improved support analytics on operational systems, there’s nothing left to fear. Experience the debut of the accelerated release cadence, that’s also available as a development release. Join the exciting new adventure now!

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Party Like it’s Office 2000

No matter which Microsoft Office version reigns supreme – the greatest part of these essential programmes is the brainpower bringing it into fruition. Think of the years poured into these virtual utopias of productivity. It’s time to take a trip into the late 90’s and understand the tears and sweat needed to create the incredible functions – including that famous ‘paper clip’ character. What happened to that guy, anyway?

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Good Times Over for YouTube?

The streaming platform is removing its ‘dislike’ count. This measure is designed to bring users closer together, all the while combatting bullying tactics on users’ content. But not all are convinced. YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim offers some stinging testimony. His film, “Me at the zoo” – the first ever to be uploaded to the site – has even been updated to protest these latest changes. He expects an imminent gradual demise of YouTube. Karim’s argument is simple, “not all user-generated content is good.” That’s for sure.

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Off the PlanetScale!

A small step for a programme, but one giant leap away from beta. Six months have passed, and the general release of PlanetScale has taken the world by storm. Powerful databases, with ease-of-use, and an outright planetary user experience are now within your cosmic grasp. Serverless adventures are no-longer an astronomical endeavour. Instead, they’re more within-reach than ever. See what the celestial hype is all about.

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