07 June 2019

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 8: iOS 13, GitHub, and .NET Core


It’s a summer of safety, speed, and simplicity! Newer, simplified .NET uploads, better GitHub security, and iOS 13 – with all-new Dark Mode. Read on!

Whoop, the heat is on!

It’s a super-speedy-safer-simpler summer, and it’s happening now!

Developers delights are all the range, from Apple to Microsoft. Expect a summer of better responsiveness, better security, better power, and better quality. I place an emphasis on better, because there’s nothing like a whole lot of sun to kick the developer world into optimistic gear!

Of course, sunnier, doesn’t necessarily mean brighter. Apple’s iOS 13 includes a Dark Mode feature, which doesn’t take an expert to explain. Though apps and programmes will require a new colour palate, summer was meant to be a colourful season, after all. Just remember, dark doesn’t mean gloomy!

Increased GitHub security will help us sleep a little sounder, as will some simplifications to .NET core. Cheaper software might be the future, just as cheaper microcontrollers are now safe in the present.

This issue is a gift that keeps on giving, so welcome back, dear coders – it’s always a pleasure to report to you.

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Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski


Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute

1. iOS 13 – Developers Darkness

Start sweating. The new iOS update will be here this Autumn. What app and software devs must know is the new Dark Mode feature, a screen-blackening function, meaning lots of programming will be necessary. Avoid ‘blacking out’ by planning ahead, fellow coders. Oh, and AR, Siri, and Machine Learning functions will play a major role too. Got your attention? Read the official post.

2. “How do you like them (speedy) Apples?”

News is meant to be lightning-fast! So why should feedback be any different? Apple agrees. I agree. You agree. That’s why testers can now send feedback straight out of the app in beta, sharing a screenshot and details immediately. All developers need to do is access the TestFlight page. iOS 13 beta or later is required. Never heard of it? Scroll up.

3. GitHub New Security Features

You’re paranoid. Nobody is watching your code. Well, actually… To alleviate fears, GitHub announced new security features. Built to function around the vulnerability alerts, they can create PRs for any dependencies. ‘Dependency Insights’ will help visualise these blemishes. Best of all, private workspaces allow secure information exchange for discussing vulnerabilities. You’re fine.

4. Twice the Action with Cortex-M7!

Imagine; Power, flexibility, accessibility. They’re magical attributes in a microcontroller. Now they’re a magical and affordable reality, with the all-new series of dual-core STM32H7 MCUs running at 240 and 480 MHz in Cortex-M4 and M7, respectively. Expect dual bank flash, root security, higher ambient temperatures, MIPI-DSI, 16-bit ADC, and FD-CAN. Good times are here.

5. Good Cop – Bad Cop of .NET

Porting desktop apps to .NET Core. There’s an easy way and a highly intricate way. This one is easy. In this post, Olia Gavrysh of .NET discusses a simple 3-step process. Run portability analyser, Migrate to SDK-style .csporj, and finally, Retarget to .NET Core. For those like myself who don’t care for words, there’s a video instruction here too.

6. Quality – Totally Worth It?

A little self-analysis is good for the soul, especially for programmers. Leading enterprise software guru of our time, Martin Fowler, explains the trade-off between quality and cost, even proclaiming an incredible insight along the way. A great read, for us coders of consciousness.

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