18 March 2022

The Hacker's Tribute Vol. 82: Let's Lend a Hand!


Welcome, fellow hackers!


Our publication is dedicated to great minds.

Many of these are behind the technologies that drive us into a better future. Amid the invasion of Ukraine, this knowhow is among the ultimate tools for supporting our friends in the war effort. Whilst we pray for a better world, our publication would also like to salute those who hack to defend it.

We will of course share some exciting features from, AI in children’s’ development, as well as new app selections from the Linux range. We’ve also recognised one of several efforts to help the Ukrainian scientific community.

Hackers, coders, and digital demagogues; put your squabbles aside, and let’s do our part to help. Lend a hand, donate, or support an organisation. We’re in this together.




Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


We Salute Ukraine’s Pride

If there’s one thing our publication knows, it’s a bit of good ol’ fashioned hacking. Amid Ukraine’s fight for freedom, the nation continues to stun its enemy with conventional and unconventional warfare. Powered with a keyboard, digital expertise, and a ferocious love for country - Ihor is among the thousands of hackers working to undermine Russian interests and is doing his part to help his countrymen.

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Give a Hand to Ukraine’s Scientists

The scientific community is stepping up. While research as usual is out of the question for many Ukrainian researchers, an organisation, Science for Ukraine is reaching out to support the nation’s scientists and research staff. It’s just one of the many initiatives out there, see the article link for more information.

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Password Wordle

Bring out the hacker in you. It’s time for a game we love, but with a touch of mindfulness. All you need to do is guess the content of the following password, using your mind, some luck, and a positive can-do attitude. Can’t do it? That might be the point of this exercise. But that’s half the fun.

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AI in Children’s Lives

Younger generations will be exposed to artificial intelligence. Is that a good thing? Depends how you look at it. There are great educational opportunities, whereas healthcare can be more accessible. The tricky part is ensuring rights and youths’ developmental stages will also be respected. Exposure to technology can be a good thing – let’s make sure we do it right.

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Fresh New Wave

Behold, a behemoth of design and suave function. It’s a suite of new apps and designs manifested by the brains of Linux. Explore the methodology behind some new favourites such as Phosh’s libadwaita, KDE's Kirigami, and Maui Shell. Explore a collection that finally draws a bridge between desktop and mobile Linux devices into a truly cohesive environment that puts users at the centre of the action.

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I Love Hue

Admit it, some colours will never look good on paper. So for those looking to make a real ‘pop’ in their digital designs, I recommend going no-further than for a splash of vibrancy unlike anything you’ll ever see. Match, blend, and modify such an array of colour combinations that sting with such intensity – you’ll swear you’ve received a Vitamin-C injection!

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Hackers of the world dream to be him. And that’s an understatement. With methods decades ahead of cyberspace, he’s proceeded only by his own reputation. ‘The Man’ infamous for single-handedly causing the ’08 global financial meltdown, he dropped off-grid searching for purpose. He twice-dominated each of the Himalayan peaks, negotiated the rift valleys of Africa, and swam the Amazonian Basin end-to-end. It was in Siberia where we caught up to him – convincing him to work for the ‘good guys’. The veteran’s veteran of coding, now confidently within our ranks, is finally a force for good. Just don’t test him.