24 June 2022

The Hacker’s Tribute Vol. 89: Stay Safe, Stay Organised, Stay Swiss!


My fellow hackers,


Hacker’s Tribute will lift the lid on your password out in cyberspace while taking a peek at Nvidia’s bold plans to dominate with its latest components. Take a moment to speak to Silero’s epic rival to Google, organise like the Swiss, and have a look at another Microsoft adventure.

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Dan 'The Man' Kowalski

Dan ‘the Man’ Kowalski

Editor-in-Chief, The Hacker’s Tribute


24bn passwords for sale

If you’ve forgotten your secret code, then chances are that it’s already out in cyberspace. According to this eye-watering report, a seemingly apocalyptic 24 billion passwords are there for the taking by the highest bidder. It’s a constant reminder for us to keep our cards close to the chest, and to update whenever we can. Unless you hate protecting yourself, there is that possibility…


Nvidia Strong-Arming with Grace CPU

The world is in for a change, as it prepares to embrace Arm-based chips from Nvidia for a new generation of servers. Expect the Grace Superchip, which unites two of the firm’s Grace CPUs, as well as the Grace-Hopper Superchip, using a combination of Grace with its homegrown counterpart. The greatest names in tech are lining up, from Dell, to Lenovo, Foxconn and more. The onus is on Nvidia to prove themselves over these next few years – so stay tuned!


Speak to Silero!

We all hate typing. It’s time we embraced the powers that type based on our speech, and speech based on our typing. Silero models use a text-enhancement model that is incredibly simple to use, with quick and workable benchmarks. It’s even an upcoming rival to Google’s STT, without that nasty Google aftertaste. It’s natural, faster, and hosts a world of voices – what’s not to love?


Be like the Swiss

Integrated timetables are the latest claim to fame for a nation famed by delicious chocolate, trusty army knives, and flamboyant Papal Guardsmen. Trains in this ruggedly mountainous landscape run like clockwork thanks to an impeccable commitment to timetable synchronisation. Such methodology is vital to balancing multiple components in life, software, or if you’re up for it – your own sprawling rail network. If you’ve got the ambition for it, we support you. Just be sure to look up integrated timetables first.


MS defender

Microsoft is a small, up-and-coming computer company, with an office located just under an hour’s drive from Seattle, USA. It’s founder, William, a modestly achieving individual dreams of taking his pilot project mainstream. We have high hopes for his company and with fingers-crossed, hope that perhaps one day, with some miracle, his software might be enjoyed by other people. Oh, he did? Billionaire? And the company just launched a security app? Great – here it is…

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Hackers of the world dream to be him. And that’s an understatement. With methods decades ahead of cyberspace, he’s proceeded only by his own reputation. ‘The Man’ infamous for single-handedly causing the ’08 global financial meltdown, he dropped off-grid searching for purpose. He twice-dominated each of the Himalayan peaks, negotiated the rift valleys of Africa, and swam the Amazonian Basin end-to-end. It was in Siberia where we caught up to him – convincing him to work for the ‘good guys’. The veteran’s veteran of coding, now confidently within our ranks, is finally a force for good. Just don’t test him.